Thoughtful Gift Ideas

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and heard a need that you knew you could provide? Have you ever acted upon that need? Many people do not do so anymore. We have become such a “me” society anymore here in the United States of America that we forget about the needs of others in our own country.

Sure Brad Pitt spent all that money in New Orleans, Louisiana, but was it so that Mardi Gras could continue on? Angelina Jolie-Pitt supports those in Africa, but what is she doing here in the US? I am sure she is doing something, but my point is those of us who are not million or billionaires can also help out. Think of your next door neighbor.

Are they able to work on their yard or paint their home? Why not do that for them as a kind gesture and not ask for money in return? Sure you may have to spend your own money, but think of how much it would mean to that neighbor. Maybe you go to church and know of someone who needs a winter coat. How many do you have in your closet? Can you not part with one of them? Not many people out there have it as good as you.

There could be someone in your own family that may not speak up about a need in their life, but if you could spot it and help they would probably be ever so grateful. A new toaster, tea/coffee kettle or pitcher, or even a lid for their cooking pot would be a welcome gift. Maybe they have a fireplace and their electricity bill has been high. Buy them a few logs for their fireplace and offer to have it cleaned for them. Maybe they need a sweater for these last few winter months. That would be a welcome gitt.

One of the most needed gift for any home is food. Rice and beans are a good staple to keep around and are not all that costly. Ramen noodles, if liked, are a good idea as well. Fruits and vegetables either fresh, canned, frozen or dehydrated would help out greatly, too. M&M, milk and meats, are an iffy idea. You need to know whether they are allergic and what kind they most eat and drink. You almost can’t go wrong with fruit juices unless they are allergic to any specific kind. Find out what they need and be the good samaritan.

You could offer your skills to someone. Say you ran into someone who’s wooden gate was broken or falling apart, and you just happen to know how to repair it or make a new one. Offer to do this at no cost to them, and see their face light up. The wood alone may cost you $20 and the hardware an equal amount. Not only would you be able to hone your skills, but you would find that you feel better about yourself for helping someone out who needed it.

Offer to cook dinner for someone who cannot cook for themself anymore. You may find you have a new friend in life.

Take the time to weed someone’s garden for them. They may have back and/or knee issues and are no longer able to do this anymore.

These are just a few ideas to help you get started in helping others. Don’t expect to have anything in return as this is not a good way to help others. Gifts should be from the heart. Hopefully you will find someone who needs your help. You may know someone already and just have not had the courage to offer your support. Take the first step and see where it leads you. Gifts are a blessing.

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