Ladder Handle Construction Helper

Handle and hardware

If you do home repairs, business maintenance, painting, and similar types of work, you probably have had many times when your hands were full. By the time you carry a bucket of paint, or a pouch of tools, extension cords or other things, there can be no room That means an extra trip back to the truck to get the ladder – maybe more than one. But carrying the ladder, paint, tools, and other supplies, will be much easier when you give the ladder a little helper, called a handle.

A handled ladder is a handy thing particularly when it comes to carrying it. It can be awkward to carry a stepladder so the handle will make life easier for you. The handle can be put onto a wood ladder, a metal one, or a plastic type.

The handle that you use for the ladder can be a screen door handle, a cabinet door handle, or one made for a bulky chest. Fold the stepladder shut, turn it onto one slender side, and pick the ladder up. Find the area on the side where you can hold the ladder and it balances – without leaning to one end or the other. Mark that area for the handle.

No matter what material the ladder is made out of, place the handle against the ladder, and mark the areas where the hardware will go. Drill holes in those areas and then lay the handle over them. Put in the hardware and you’re finished with the make-over.

Having a handle on a ladder is a helpful thing. After you’ve changed the stepladder consider adding handles to some of your other ladders. Even though a long ladder is often carried in a vertical manner, there are many times when you could carry it by its side, if it only had a handle. One example is if you’re pushing it into, or pulling it out of, a truck or van. Another is when you’re carrying it from the vehicle to the house or building.

When it comes to doing home or business repairs, it’s amazing how many small crafts that you can do, and end up with a brilliant solution to a problem. You might not have even known that not having a handle on your ladder was a problem, but after you install the handle, you’ll see how much easier it is to move any ladder around.

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