Three Locations to Buy Wholesale Lumber in Raleigh

Sometimes the little stores just can’t meet your needs. For those big projects you often need to deal with really large business partners. If you’re building one or more houses you are going to want to purchase wholesale lumber. Retail lumber will definitely brake the bank.

For large home projects, like building a new deck, some of the best places to find all the things you need are the super stores. These projects will not justify wholesale lumber prices, but you may still get a discount.

One of my favorites is Lowe’s. They have been around the Raleigh area for some time. Originating up North, I was totally unfamiliar with them. They are a lot like a Home Depot but a bit better. At least they are in my opinion. I always check the other big stores first to get an idea of price and quality. Then I visit Lowe’s and get the same thing at a better price, at the same or better quality.

For the really big jobs, they have a contracting section. I’ve never had anything that large, so I don’t get to go in during the contractor hours. The store is as much warehouse as it is store. This permits them to store and ship very large quantities of lumber and just about any other building material.

For the small dude (like me) with a big project (like a deck) they have a truck on site so you don’t have to use you BMW or other personal car. The truck rents for about 20 dollars an hour.

For the really big guys (not like me) who are building whole houses, garages and fences, they have huge trucks with forklifts and whatever it takes to unload. For the bigger guys they also offer special services (including hours) and special pricing.

The neat thing about Lowe’s (and the other super hardware stores) is that they carry a huge array of consumer ready things that the traditional lumber store does not stock.

I love to wander the aisles when I am going to buy something. Just to see all the fantastic possibilities. When I see something that would go well in our house, I usually find myself coming back and buying it, even though it may take a day to install.

Lowe’s can be contacted at:

(919) 850-9300

Sometimes even the big box hardware stores don’t fit the bill. Not to worry. Raleigh with its decade’s long building boom has a plethora of choices. One large and very well connected company is Stock Building Supply. Part of a mega corporation, this is a place where they have access to supplies.

Another nice feature is their programs for helping to finance projects for contractors, home re-modelers and homeowners. Most large building supply companies have something, but they make it very explicit.

The owning company is located in England, though they have a local headquarters in Raleigh. This is a huge supply company with world wide reach. If you need to build your tiny 1,500 house development; this represents no problem.

RALEIGH , NC 27604
(919) 828-7471

Although Lowe’s is a North Wilkesboro, NC Company is fairly local. But perhaps you prefer to work with a very local company. Capitol City was founded in Raleigh in 1947 (1945 it was incorporated) and has had a strong local presence ever since. It started with plywood, but now can provide all kinds of woods and hardware for contractors, re-modelers, interior designers and homeowners.

It prides itself with being able to offer the right type of cash or credit accounts for every budget and type of job.

It is proud of its deep roots in the local community. Being familiar with many of the local builders and designers it is particularly well positioned to assist in understanding the local building market.

If Capitol City sounds like the right business for you to get your wholesale lumber they can be contacted at:

4216 Beryl Road
RALEIGH , NC 27606
(919) 832-6492

These are just a few of the fine places in Raleigh where you can get wholesale lumber supplies. There are many other fine businesses here trying to meet the needs.

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