Shelf Master: A Review

While shopping at my local thrift store, I keep seeing these Shelf Masters. They come in two in a box, and hold up to 10 lbs. I figured since they were so cheap, and appeared to be useful, I’d go ahead and purchase them. It was only after I had them did I come up with several ideas.

The Shelf Master is really easy to install providing your walls have been made correctly. You’d be surprised how many houses the walls aren’t straight. After picking your corner, you position your shelf into the corner, you may need something like a butter knife to push the sliding lever underneath the shelf backwards towards the walls. The pre-installed razors pierce the wall and the lever locks into place. Yes it’s that easy. They claim you don’t need any tools to install these shelves but unless you are really strong, you will need something like previously mentioned, a butter knife, and nothing sharper then that, as you don’t want to cause a huge accident.

If your walls aren’t perfectly aligned, you will have to prop up the shelf with screws under it. If the item you place onto of the Shelf Master weighs too much your shelf will fall. They are not very secure, but very useful for lightweight projects. Items such as fake flowers, hand towels and or small trinkets.

The Shelf Master is very useful in tight areas, dorm rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, wash rooms, you name it. I’ve used it in my upstairs bathroom to place a flower pot, as I had no place else to make my bathroom a bit more welcoming. In my Den I have my modem set on it. In my downstairs bath room I have the shelf set above the door with some items that are of no use, like scents.

The great thing is you can cover the Shelf Master with contact paper, wrapping paper, or simply paper you printed out on line. You can make it match, or stand out. It adds a touch of class to any corner of any room.

The Shelf Master is meant to sell for $19.99 but look at your local thrift store for a box of them. I have failed to shop there and not see a box or two. I guess they aren’t as useful as I think, or simply not as popular.

I think Shelf Master makes a great gift for anyone who likes to decorate and save space. It may take some time to think of uses for them, but I believe they are useful to everyone. Even lightweight wireless speakers can sit on them.

I rate these Shelf Master shelves 4 out of 5 stars. 1 star shy of perfection because they are so hard to push into place, and because they can be so delicate.

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