Freshwater Madagascar Lace Plant

There’s one type of freshwater plant that really stands out. It’s known as the Madagascar Lace Plant. It’s not like your average freshwater plant because it has very big and wide leaves which look a lot like lace. This plant will add a lot of variety and color to your freshwater tank. Most plants are purchased because they will clean up the water quality and they will also provide your fish with many different hiding places. Your average fake decoration will cost you somewhere around 10 or 15 dollars. You can usually purchase a freshwater plant for around 5 dollars.

The Madagascar plant is very easy to keep alive as long as you have a good freshwater light. You can purchase replacement bulbs from the pet store. You will want to bring your bulb or box to the pet store so that you know the measurements. You can also measure the light and write down the numbers to see if the new bulb will fit before you purchase the new bulb. If you cannot find a bulb from a local pet store you can look up bulbs online. Usually you can find good bulbs on eBay that you can purchase for fairly cheap. You will want to make sure that you have a good bulb hooked up before you purchase any freshwater plants.

This plant can be purchased for around five or six dollars. You will need to add a lot of things to the water with this specific plant. You can purchase bottles of supplements from the saltwater fish section. You will need to purchase iron, magnesium and trace elements. If you have a saltwater tank you can use the same supplements for your freshwater tank. You will also always need to add some type of plant fertilizer into the gravel in your freshwater aquarium. As long as you keep the temperature somewhere around 70 to 80 degrees you wont have any problems.

If you are thinking about medicating your fish tank you will want to purchase some type of medication which is safe for freshwater plants. You cannot pull your fish out and medicate them in separate tank because the main problem is in the water. You will otherwise have to remove all of your freshwater plants from the water because if left in the tank they will begin to get stressed out and most likely die off. You will also want to set a timer and keep your light on for around 6 or 7 hours a day but not much longer because you will develop an algae problem.

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