Clorox Clean-up : Product Review

Did you know that your kitchen and bathroom are filled with thousands of bacteria that can cause food-borne-illness?
Many people dont,and the consequences can be very ugly. I personally am very paranoid about keeping my kitchen and bathroom free of bacteria. I have tried many products and they all seem to work,but not like Clorox clean-up.

The clorox clean-up is a spray,so its easy to use,just aim and let sit for 30 seconds. The product kills the bacteria and cleans the area in just seconds. It is a great product,I’ve used it in my bathroom tub to get stains out,and not only does it get them out

I know that it will be safe to put my daughter of one year in to take a bath without worrying about bacteria.
It also makes your house smell clean,just like when you wash your clothes.Many of my friends and family notice when I used it because its smells and looks clean.

If you think that the product you use works then check the ingredients and try to do some research to see if it disinfects as well. Many products clean but do not disinfect,which means you are just spreading the bacteria all over your kitchen counter or bathtub. The toilet also needs disinfecting,bacteria builds up and everytime you flush it it spreads through the air and may get into your toothbrush(if left near the toilet). The Clorox-clean up actually disinfects because it has bleach,so you dont have to worry about anything spreading and harming your family,especially if you have kids.

Once you try it you will notice the tremendous difference in how clean it will be and you wont use anything else. I dont think I would clean my kitchen with any other product. My husband thinks Im crazy everytime we go to the store and I put another Clorox-clean up in the cart even though I have one half full at the house. I just worry if I run out of it I wont be able to clean my house. I even use it on the walls if there is stain,like for example the light switch,this particular hardware gets dirty with the constant fingers that turn it on and off daily.So you can imagine how much bacteria there is on that too. What I do is I spray some of the Clorox clean-up on a paper towel and wipe it on the switch,dont spray it directly on it,you dont want to start any sparks.So if you want to make sure your home is clean and rid of bacteria then make sure to swing by your closest market,such as walmart or kmart and pick up this wonderful product. You will be happy with the results and with
knowing that your house is clean and safe.

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