The Best Sacramento Washer and Dryer Repair

Most people have no idea how a washer or dryer work. So if a washer or dryer suddenly stop working most people will have no idea how to fix it, and even if you think you can fix it you probably are best to leave it to a professional. If you happen to be in the Sacramento area and you need to find where to go to get your washer or dryer fixed professionally then read on.

If you have a particular name brand model like G.E. then you will likely be able to have them fix your washer and dryer. If you have a warranty then you will not have to pay any extra for them to fix your washer and dryer. However if you do not have a warranty you will have to pay. If you have a G.E appliance you can go to 1721 Bell St in Sacramento to G.E. Appliance Service. The good thing about going to a manufactures service center is that they know the appliances better because they specialize in that appliance. They also are more likely to have the particular pats you need. They may or may not be a good deal if you do not have a warranty though that will depend on the brand. If you have Sears the closest is in Fairfield so beware of that.

An interesting one I found is just a guy who calls himself the appliance repair specialist. He is cheaper but may only be able to tell you the problem, as he does not have a large inventory of parts though he can get you parts. He has a website He is trained and licensed and insured so he is legitimate and knows what he is doing. You can e-mail or call him. You can talk or write him the problem and if he doesn’t think he can help or if he thinks you are better off going with someone else who will be able to get you a part sooner he will let you know. His prices are good though so if you can use him you should.

A-1 appliance located on 8698 Elk Grove Blvd. in Elk Grove is another option. They do not specialize but work with all brands and all appliances. They are affordable as they claim. If you do not have a warranty they are good to go with or if you have a off brand they are great choice.

General Refrigeration Service specializes in refrigerators but will also work with washer and dryers. They are fast and reasonable but they do not specialize in washer and dryers so they might not be your best choice. You can give them a call at (925) 348-3480

Cow Washer in Rancho Cordova is an option if you have a washer problem. They specialize in washers so are a good choice if you need washer work. Also they have multiple brands.

Whether you have a warranty, a name brand, or an off brand there is a washer or dryer repair service in Sacramento for you.

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