Easy Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Bathroom remodeling is one of the scariest projects you can do, but it isn’t that hard. In fact, plumbing isn’t the big mystery your plumber makes it out to be. There are inexpensive and easy ways to make that bathtub look new again, and anybody can replace a toilet. Here are a few ideas that will have the most important room in the house looking great.

A Little Paint and Lighting

Before you rob your savings account to pay for bathroom remodeling, consider two very easy and inexpensive ways to make that old room look brand new. Paint is an easy way to change the bathroom’s appearance. There’s no need to hire a painter. Save money, and do it yourself. Turn it into a party. Invite your best friend over, share some snacks, and catch up on gossip. You’ll be done in no time.

Although electricity scares most intelligent home owners, replacing light fixtures is a super easy and safe bathroom remodeling project. Get rid of those dated lights, and go for something contemporary and green. High efficiency light fixtures not only look good, but they save you money. Put that extra money towards some other easy bathroom remodeling ideas.

Include Your Old Tub and Toilet in Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Bathtubs get stained over time, but you don’t need to replace the whole tub to make it look like new. For around $200, you can have it resurfaced. A new tub costs about the same, but the installation will set your bank account on fire. Schedule your resurface job on a day you won’t be home. The fumes are nasty, but the cost savings keeps your bathroom remodeling project in check.

If you’ve ever been desperate for a plumber because your toilet got clogged, you probably considered pulling that potty yourself. Guess what. You can really do it. It’s easy to replace the toilet and once again, reduce your bathroom remodeling cost. There are plenty of internet how-to videos to guide you, and you can always pick up a do-it-yourself guide at your local home repair store.

New Plumbing Fixtures

Just like the toilet, you can save a load of cash, on bathroom remodeling ideas, by replacing your own plumbing fixtures. You will need a plumber’s wrench, along with the usual wrenches and screw drivers. If you don’t own a plumber’s wrench, and you know someone who does, this is a great time to invite that person to help you with your bathroom remodeling project. If they own it, they know how to install plumbing fixtures.

Simple plumbing tasks, like replacing fixtures and toilets, add up to big savings on a bathroom remodeling budget. It’s highly unlikely you’ll make a major mistake. At the very worst, you’ll get frustrated and call the plumber. Before you do, give simple plumbing a try, and save cash on your bathroom remodeling project.

You Make Bathroom Remodeling Look Easy

Follow these easy bathroom remodeling ideas, and chances are you’ll be happy with the results. You can take a little more time to save for the major stuff; like replacing bathtubs, showers, tile, and flooring.

Bathroom remodeling is second only to kitchen remodeling when it comes to cost and complexity. When time and cash are short, a few do-it-yourself ideas will give that old bathroom a nice little facelift.

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