Product Review: Lasko Desktop Wind Tower Oscillating Multi Directional Fan

Fans are too big. Do fans need to be big to blow around air? I thought similarly before purchasing Lasko Desktop Wind Tower Oscillating Multi Directional Fan. It’s small footprint and compact design may throw some off on first impression. It looks small, perhaps even puny in terms of moving air. Once turning this unit on, all those notions blow away quite quickly.

I like a fan circulating air in my room, especially in summer, I like it blowing lightly at night when I sleep. Air conditioning is fine, but unless you have central air, it doesn’t really move air around efficiently. I don’t have a huge nightstand, so space really matters with each new thing I introduce into the mix. Lamps, clocks and the like all compete for room. I didn’t have much choice when choosing a fan, I had to buy small, or make do with a fan placed much farther away from my bed.

Lasko Desktop Wind Tower is small enough to fit most anywhere, but powerful enough to generate a pleasing air flow. It has front mounted electronic controls to control air speed and oscillating function. One button controls the three speeds, the second to turn off fan rotation. An added bonus to the nicely designed controls is they light up a bright green when active. This functions as a dim nightlight, so you may be able to ditch a dedicated nightlight if it’s bright enough for you.

Space matters to me, but noise factor is also important. I don’t care how well a fan works, if it’s noisy; I’m ditching it. The Lasko Desktop Wind Tower Fan is one of the quietest fans I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. Even on top speed, the noise doesn’t register much at all. On lowest speed, it’s whisper quiet and perfect for a lulling breeze to rock one to sleep.

One of the great things about this fan is Multi-Directional capability. The fan is really two fans in one compact unit. They’re divided into modules and the top one rotates counterclockwise to effectively move air in one direction, while the bottom fan moves it in another. Retailing for about $19.99, I bought mine for that in CVS.

The Lasko Desktop Wind Tower Oscillating Multi-Directional Fan may be the best fan I’ve ever purchased for its value and space saving design.

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