Fall Cleaning: Tips for Getting Your Home its Cleanest

The Fall is always the worst season to clean. You have to do all cleaning for spring and summer. Well most of the times you spend hours on end doing it all at once. I know that you probably already know that, but do you want to know a way to make all easier and probably less time cleaning and more time with your friends or family. Well, you are in luck because I know how to help you out. These tips will work even if you have pets indoor or outdoor and bring them in.

Most people who own pets get up early to feed them. Or even if you do not have pets you still probably get up early just to get ready for work. Well, there are two or three things that you can do before you go shower for work. If you make breakfast in the morning and have a lot of dishes to do then run hot water in one side of your sink and put as many dirty dishes in that one side to soak until you get home. This will help you save time later in the day after you get home from work.

If you have dirty clothes that need to be washed go ahead and throw them in the washer to wash. This way when you return home in the evening, your clothes will only have to be dried and folded. You will not have to stay up late into the night while the clothes wash and then dry and then get folded.

If your living floor is dirty go ahead and vacuum it and quickly sweep over your kitchen floor if its dirty. It may seem like a lot to do in the morning but it will save you time after you come home. Most people can do all of this in about fifteen minutes of time if they are in a hurry. And not every day will you have to vacuum or sweep the kitchen floor.

All you have to do when you come home is wipe off and rinse the dishes and throw the clothes that in the wash into the dryer. And that is basically it till your clothes are dry. After they dry all you have to do is fold them. Then that is all you have to do for the day.

And if you do dishes when needed, along with clothes your house will stay clean for the Fall. You can even vacuum and sweep every two days or so. Then your house will stay clean.

On weekends you basically do all this plus clean a little more. On weekends you can wipe your counters. If you have kids tell them to clean their rooms. If you have an extendable hose on your vacuum, then vacuum your couch and chairs.

You can also do the dusting on the weekends. Usually I dust things like my TV, mirrors, window sills, basically anywhere that I know collects dust a whole lot. This will help to keep your house clean in the Fall when you have the windows open. Also it will help to keep down any allergies that your family might have.

Most weekends I even clean my bathrooms. This keeps down Fall mildew from the heat of the heaters and central heat plus the moisture that gets into your bathrooms. If you do it every weekend a bathroom won’t take you but about ten minutes to get completely clean.

Then every other month steam clean your carpet. Then if you have pets or kids steam cleaning gets all your carpet stains out and makes your house smell better. Every time after you vacuumed spray some kind of air freshener on your rug to help eliminate odors in the carpet.

Now your Fall cleaning is made easier by following these tips. Your house will stay clean and it will smell good all through the Fall. You will save time too by doing some of the stuff in the mornings before you shower and then doing the extra cleaning on the weekend when you do not have to go to work. It will get your kids in the habit of helping to keep your house clean too.

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