Finding Free Bathroom Design Plans Online

Looking to remodel your current bathroom or complete build one from scratch? You might benefit from a free bathroom design plan online rather than creating a plan yourself or rely on a third-party engineer or designer to make one.

At, there are four basic plans to get your started. The plans cover the most basic of design plans for a bathroom compensating for a sink/vanity, bathtub/shower, and one or two amenities like a storage cabinet and a possible thin closet.

Check out, to have assistance in designing your bathroom or use their advice and pictures to be inspired. They have excellent bathroom planning tools that are limitless. You can start with any of the free bathroom design plan options and then mix and match your own ideas with them. Kohler also offers tons of advice for beginners as well as professionals alike. The website also offers a shower design plan and a kitchen design planner if you want to move beyond the bathroom.

On, you can start with a free online bathroom floor plan and use their online remodeling tool to add items, remove items, and change the dimensions according your needs. Sure it’s just one basic floor plan, but you have many options to mess around with the objects. has over 6,000 plans to search from ranging from house to specific rooms. You are sure to find a bathroom plan to suit your need. One neat feature of the website is the capacity to zoom in and out of a floor plan so you can get a better look at if the design will fit your style and size.

At, you can check out the most basic bathroom design plans online in order to spark and idea or two for your own remodeling project. They have options for a small bathroom, a large bathroom, a modern style bathroom, as well as a large bathroom with a split toilet room. The site offers a lot of advice for modify their plans and simple tips on designing your bathroom.

Lastly, you might want to do a Google search of ‘bathroom design plans’ or ‘bathroom floor plans’. You should be able to pull up thousands of plans. Keep in mind that you will find a variety of different sizes and not one that will be exactly what you are looking for. What you can is recreate that picture in a design program and change it around to what you do need.

A lot of the free bathroom design plans online are very specific and may not be exactly what will fit in your house. Most likely you will have to switch some items around in order to get what you want. But that’s the fun of remodeling and designing, right?

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