A Godmother’s Love

“My Millie”

God gave me a gift the day I was born
An angel to watch me, to love and adore

She was never too busy to take time to play
And I loved going to her beach house to stay

I called her Lolo, so gentle and sweet
We went lots of places, and loved ice cream treats

For every special occasion in my life,
My angel was cheering, Her love beaming bright

When she lived far away I would travel to see her
On a plane at 14, San Francisco was a blur

We saw Engelbert Humperdink that time, up in Lake Tahoe
I remember how Millie was glowing after the show!

After many years away my angel moved back
Just in time to be Grandma Millie, in fact.

Her nursery experience was put to good use!
She helped bathe and feed all four of my brood!

She taught me so much, how could I ever express
The immeasurable love for her, it has no depth.

Through the years, my friends used to say “I need a Millie!”
They were a little jealous that way!

Though not all have met her, they all know who she is�
A vital part of our family would top the list.

So how do I say “Thank you” for the life you invested?
In my wildest dream, you’ve been more than I requested.

On this earth, you’ve been my angel in every fathomable way.
You’ll be my angel with Jesus, in heaven one day.

I don’t want that day to come, though I know that it must.
I wish heaven didn’t have to be in such a rush.

One thing is certain, I know we both agree�
That Jesus, our Lord and Savior is waiting for you and me.

So if you go on ahead, through heavens gate
On God’s perfect timing to see you againâÂ?¦I’ll wait.

Give everyone we love a kiss and hug from us here
Knowing one day we’ll be together again – up there!

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