Two Races, One Love

We stand together, under the stars, face to face, hand and hand;

Staring at one another without a word, nor a reply.

With only empty space between us, and yet that air runs thin.

Not at all inquisitive about our love; not asking what, when or why.

Then it occurs. Boom! No longer are we together;

Separated by social conflict like the strike of an earthquake.

Is it a storm that we united and combined can conquer or weather?

Or, is this the last time I’ll see you? Is this our final fate?

Rumors are spread, Tempers are flared, secrets are unveiled.

Fathers become stubborn, Mothers get weary and neighbors prate.

Even riots can muster; can we do anything other than fail?

For is the love of any two people not something to celebrate?

Though I say to you, why not strive for what is right?

Let us not succumb to these pressures and loose our love,

But let us hold our mutual passion under a national spotlight

And shine our gratifying radiance as far and high as a soaring dove.

Because it is you, I love, no matter the color or your hue.

Your flesh may be pale, but your personality is oh so colorful.

And if people could only see that your feelings for me are not out of the blue

They could realize that of their intolerant leaders some are fools.

‘Cause anyone who doubts that two young ones of different races

Are not capable of becoming one instead of just two,

And are attempting the un-accomplishable with impossible paces.

Then that person cannot have ever witnessed the profound love that I have for you.

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