A Great Turkish Restaurant in Delray Beach, Florida

Kebob Mediterranean Grill
1676 S. Federal Hwy
Delray Beach, FL

Their cold and hot appetizers and kebabs are very delicious. Kebobs were tasty and cooked to perfection. Waiters are very helpful. You should try a sampler for cold appetizers and on another visit, taste the hot appetizers.

The delicious tastes from Turkish kitchen and Mediterranean coast found its place in Sunny Florida. The style in Mediterranean menus is to get small portions of many different appetizers and everybody at the table taste a bit from each one. The beauty of this Turkish restaurant, you can do the same. Try “lahmacun”, Turkish yogurt drink called “ayran”, and order from variety of kebabs cooked to perfection. Of course, you can try Turkish wine and Turkish beer. My husband loves “sigara boregi”, little pastries filled with cheese and he also likes to order Turkish white cheese, (similar to feta cheese) with bread. My favorite is “yaprak sarmasi” , stuffed rice on the grape leafs.

On the kebabs menu, you can try different taste of kebabs. Chicken, lamb, beef, shrimp or mixed kebab of a little bit of each. They also have a kebab with eggplant, called “babagandus” which is also delicious. By the way, with your kebabs, try the Turkish rice called “bulgur” as side order.

Of course, their deserts are the best. Baklava, bread pudding.. such a taste we love. If you like tea or coffee, try Turkish tea and coffee. Turkish tea is served in small glasses. If you are lucky to find someone to read your fortune by reading your coffee cup, after you drink the coffee, you might also learn what future is going to bring to you

My husband, and me, we both love this restaurant. Every time, we feel at home.

When we go there with our friends from Mexico, they love to order “lahmacun”, similar to Tacos.

I believe that a big Jewish community in South Florida also likes that restaurant. They have a Jewish magazine always.

They also do a good job for orders-to-go. When we plan for a party, our first choice to order meals is that Turkish restaurant. Pricing is very good too�

Another reason why we love this restaurant is the location. We can have a good and delicious dinner before or after we see a film at the cinema or in between our shopping in the shopping plaza. In this restaurant, you can sit and enjoy the dinner for all night or if you are in hurry and let the waiter know that you are in hurry, you can be out in less than half an hour. Not many restaurants are like that, of course if you are not looking for a fast food.

They are open for lunch and dinner. On some Friday nights, there are some live concerts as well, where you can listen to Turkish music but you have to find out when.

The waiter could not do enough to please us… They serve definitely a good meal. I will certainly be back!

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