A Guide for Making a Non-Toxic Home Disinfectant

It seems that every week there is a new bacteria or germ that we should all be afraid of. Whether you’re trying to keep your family free from any type of cold, or if you just want to keep your home and car completely germ-free, there are numerous disinfectant sprays and other materials that will kill off any unwanted germs. The only problem with many of these disinfectants is the fact that they are toxic. If you have children, or even pets, you will want to use a non-toxic disinfectant, but this is easier said than done. However, there is a process to making your own non-toxic disinfectant that will kill off any unwanted germs and is not toxic by nature. In order to make a non-toxic disinfectant you will need several items: Hydrogen Peroxide, Clean Rag, lemon juice, Two Spray Bottles and White Vinegar.

The first step to creating your own non-toxic disinfectant is to take the two spray bottles and give them a thorough washing. You can do this within your kitchen sink. After you have rinsed the inner cavity of both spray bottles at least three times, you will want to take your hydrogen peroxide. Once you have this product, you will want to fill one of the spray bottles with this chemical. Hydrogen peroxide is extremely safe and effective for killing germs and bacteria that can cause sickness and other diseases. If you desire, you can dilute the hydrogen peroxide, but I do not recommend this.

Once you have filled one bottle with the peroxide, you will need to take the other bottle and fill it with your vinegar. There are many different types of vinegar on the market, but I have found that simple white vinegar works perfectly for this purpose. After you have sprayed down your surfaces with the hydrogen peroxide, you will want to take a clean rag and wipe the surface after it has sufficiently dried (which will take around three to five minutes depending on how much peroxide was used).

After you have wiped down the surface, spray the surface with the vinegar. Make sure that you do not spray too much of this substance because it does have a strong smell. Vinegar is a great chemical to use to get rid of any type of stains on your surface. However the breakdown of a stain will not be instant, you will need to wait about a minute for the vinegar to eat away the stain. After a minute, take the rag and wipe down this surface. If you desire a cleaner smell, take lemon juice and sparingly spray another rag with the juice. Take the rag and wipe down the surface. Make sure that you only use enough to gently lighten the smell, because if you use too much lemon juice the surface may become sticky.

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