A Guide to Hurricane Shutters

When a hurricane is about to make landfall near your home you are left scrambling last minute to prepare for the storm. But what about long before the storm hits? There are precautions that you can take before a storm to protect your home. One of the best ways to protect yourself and your home from a hurricane is to install hurricane shutters.

Today there are many different types and styles of hurricane shutters available on the market. Some of them are more durable than others and some are easier to install than others. The best type of hurricane shutters are the types that stay in place all the time and do not have to be hung right before a storm. Remember, a hurricane shutter will not do any good if it is left in the garage during the storm.

There are five main types of hurricane shutters. Roll Up shutters, Accordion style shutters, panel shutters, Colonial style shutters and Bahama style shutters. Although all of these shutters greatly increase the safety of your home during a storm some are a better choice than others.

Roll Up Shutters: Roll up shutters are great because they do not have to be removed and reinstalled year after year. These shutters are a great choice for elderly couples who cannot get out and hang shutters before a storm hits. With a roll up shutter you can roll the shutter up or down manually or automatically with the push of a button. Although these shutters tend to be very expensive because they are all custom made to order and must be professionally installed the do offer some of the best benefits since you do not have to do anything to them after the initial installation.

Accordion Style Shutters: Accordion style shutters fold into an accordion type manner when they are not in use. These shutters also do not require a lot of manipulation to prepare for use in the case of a storm, but they are not automatic like the roll up shutters. An accordion style shutter usually gets folded into a box that is mounted next to the window and the shutter is easily pulled into place when needed.

Panels: Although the panel style shutters are the least expensive of the five types of shutters they are also the most work when it comes to use. These shutters are made of aluminum and must be individually installed during times of need. Although they do offer safety from the storm the amount of work required to install the shutters often leaves homeowners hesitant to use them unless they are 100% sure that a storm is coming. Unfortunately it is sometimes too late to install the shutters once a homeowner receives a guarantee that the storm is going to hit and this reduces that safety value of these shutters due to carelessness.

Colonial Style Shutters: Colonial style shutters stay in place year round and are typically valued for their appearance through out the year. They do offer protection for you windows in case of a storm as all you have to do is pull them into place across the window when necessary. Although Colonial Style shutters are a good choice for overall protection they do not offer protection for doors such as your front door and your garage doors so you will have to take this into consideration when choosing shutters for your home.

Bahama Style Shutters: Bahama Style shutters resemble an awning above the window. They are left in place through out the year and when needed for storm protection they can be pulled down to cover the window. The installation for protection when needed simply involves anchoring them to the wall below the window with some supplied hardware and does not take very long making these shutters a safe choice for the homeowner who waits till last minute to get prepared.

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