Basic Steps for Getting Organized

What does your home and work area look like? What we be someone else’s first impression of these areas? If you are like a lot of people they could use some organization. If you are overwhelmed and have a lot to tackle, break it down into manageable sections. Unfortunately, looking at the big picture prevents many people from getting started. This is the reason for breaking it down into smaller sections.

Start by following these 5 basic steps. They will work for many areas that need organized and maintained.

Purge: They say if you haven’t used in the past 6 months, chances are you will not use it again and this is mostly true. Many people still find it hard to part with things. Not getting rid of things is a big part of what got you where you are today. So, take a step forward and throw out old and worn things. Donate things that others can use or have a garage sale. You find people that appear very organized perform this step regularly.

Put like items together: have one location for clothes, books, dishes, etc… That is a rather general statement. These items will need broken down into more specific areas of like items, such as; glasses, plates and bowls.

Accessibility: Arrange so that the things you use the most are the easiest to get to. If it is out of season, store it in the basement or garage in its own place. If it used less often, place it behind things that are used on a more regular basis. Place things that you will be taking with you when leave near the door so they are ready to go and things are not forgotten.

Containerize: Place small items in marked containers and baskets. I find this to be one of my biggest organizational tools. One container can house many small items that would otherwise appear as clutter if they were all left out in the open. This works well for children’s toys and art supplies.

Evaluate: Does the system you have work well for you? Can you find what you need with ease? Does everything have a designated place? Does the space stay clean? If you cannot answer yes to these questions, you may want to rethink your layout and make some changes. Getting organized and making space work to your advantage can do a lot for your life in general. You will spend less time looking for things, less time cleaning up and less time moving things around that you don’t even need. Follow these five steps and you will be well on your way to leading an organized life.

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