A Look at Internet Addiction

The internet can be a very obbessive thing in your life. Whether you use it for games, gambling, work, emailing friends of chatting online it can be addictive. Some people spend 2-8 hours a day online. Some people leave their pc on all day and night. For the people who are up all night and day using the pc those are the people that cannot live with their pc.

The internet can be very dangerous. People can hack into your person lives, steal personal information and use it for many things. They can find out credit card numbers too so becareful on what you want to buy online. the best protection you can get is Norton, or Firewall to help from getting someone into you business. Norton is a virus software that can tell you when someone is spying on you. If you want to purchase something online make sure it has a security page lock on it. i would call the company up to purchase the item myself.

If you a shopper or gambler than I am sure you have figured out by now that it is bad. It is addicting to some people to spend their cash on the internet. You can search for items or collect items and spend like you wouldn’t believe. It is hard to mange your bills and shop. It is hard to get your bills paid and then have a spouse or your child doing this to you. All stores have sales so for those people who loves sales they shop for sales and spend more.

The greatest option that the internet does have is:
Paying your bills online
Finding out balances
Checking the weather
Reading news
Researching medicine, profits, companies
Selling and buying items
Talking to friends
Applying for credit cards
Looking at new vechicles

Some people are addicted to the internet because it is their job. Most people have a pt job online or ft. You can find many jobs online that pay a decent pay. It can be fun and interesting sitting at your home and working. Some people love it because they have no boss or because they can do it on their own time. Some jobs you can find are:
Coding and Billing

What else do people do online? Well they do chat alot. Some people have friends online or chat in chat rooms. There are many chat rooms from sex, marriage, kids, cooking, fitness, smoking, to weightloss chats. If you are friendly you can find some very nice people. Chatting is haveing fun and a time for socializing. For moms and dads that do not get out of the house much they find people to talk with here. The internet has message boards also. You can not trust anyone on the internet because it is just a screen hiding the person’s face and some people lie to impress others. Never tell anyone your personal information ever. Use the chats and boards to chat and never use bad langauge to you will be kicked off.

If you spend too much time on the internet and you do not have to than try this:
Schedule a time in the morning or day
Spend time with family first
While spouse is working do house chores first than log on
Don’t hog the computer for a long period of time
Try to find a job or go back to school
The pc can make you money but it also makes you spend it

It can be overwhelming to use the pc but you need to remember if you cannot afford it do not buy it. If you use the pc for a social life than try to spend time with family first. Your internet friends are there whethere you log off or on. The internet is fun. Use it wisely!

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