A Look at Why Above-ground Pools Are a Better Buy Than In-ground Pools

In the summer, many families want to have a relaxing place to swim, play, and entertain during those boiling months where in some states, the temperature is well over one hundred degrees. Though a lot of people consider an in-ground pool to be the better deal, most cannot afford the cost or don’t have the space an in-ground pool would require. It’s for these and many more reasons that an above-ground pool would be the better investment.

There are several things that you have to look at when choosing between an in-ground and above-ground pool. Either can increase your home’s value and both are great for pool parties and entertaining guests.

However, an above-ground pool is much easier to install, whether you put it up yourself or hire someone to do it. An in-ground pool requires digging, the moving of pipes, and other steps that take a lot of time and the cost just continues to pile on. Also, the maintenance of an above-ground pool is easier, from checking the pool’s chemicals to ensure that the levels are safe and the pool is algae free to removing debris like leaves and dirt.

With an above-ground pool, you are less likely to find any surprise visitors such as squirrels, dogs, and cats – and on the rare occasion snakes and alligators – in an above-ground pool as it is harder to get into the pool, which minimizes the germs and animal hair that can quickly block your pool filter. An above-ground pool is also safer for your children, as it is less accessible than an in-ground pool. How many times during the summer do you hear about an accidental drowning because a child has played too close to an in-ground pool? An above-ground almost erases this worry from your life.

But probably the biggest factor when it comes to above-ground pools being the best choice is cost. In-ground pools, while beautiful, are expensive and often require a home improvement loan or a payment plan. Above-ground pools are relatively inexpensive and it is easy to find the right-size pool for you and a cost that won’t drain your bank account. So if you’re looking for a pool to enjoy this summer, perhaps you should skip the cost and the time it takes for an in-ground pool and look into buying an above-ground pool that you can enjoy almost instantly!

Getting out of the summer heat and into a cool new pool shouldn’t have to take a lot of time. By buying an above-ground pool, you’re not only giving your family a pool to enjoy, but you’re saving yourself a lot of extra time and money! More and more people are beginning to turn to above-ground pools as the only way to go – and you should too!

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