A Luxury Home

A luxury home is the epitome of the best home value and the best return on one of your biggest investments. A premium home uses the latest and best home construction techniques. This green home saves you money, energy, water, and more importantly your piece of mind.

Construction begins from the ground up on your new luxury home. It starts with high-grade concrete to ensure a solid foundation. Radiant heating under the flooring keeps the floor warm for bare feet on a cold winter’s night. The walls are constructed of composite lumber designed to keep termites and rot at bay. Air-sealing and premium insulation maximize your premium home’s energy efficiency and provide necessary sound dampening.

Advanced electronics incorporated into the walls provide for advanced home automation. A central vacuum system eliminates the need to lug a heavy vacuum around and is especially useful in the bedrooms and the children’s play room. Premium air conditioning provides finite temperature control.

Walking into the beautifully decorated house, you notice the Hurricane resistant windows that add to the beauty of your home and to functionality as well. They provide piece of mind in even the worse weather. They are also designed for maximum energy efficiency. With remote control blinds, they allow as much access as desired or as much privacy as you wish.

Warm up on cold winter days next to your fireplace. With a touch of the button, the fireplace leaps to life, burning clean natural gas. With your airtight home keeping the warmth in you may never want to leave the living room.

Entertain invited guests in a surround sound home theater with a remote control screen that fills the back wall. Your guests and your family will be delighted with theater seating and the movie quality experience. A popcorn machine in the background merely enhances the feeling without the high prices and constant distractions of going to a movie theater.

The home workout room is a necessity for those wishing to maintain their figure. State of the art workout equipment and weights keep workouts fun. Flat screen TVs and DVD player alleviate the pain of working out alone. While an in room refrigerator eliminates the need to run to the kitchen every time you run out of water.

The state of the art kitchen makes cooking a joy. Energy efficient appliances allow for elaborate creations to come out of your kitchen, impressing your family and friends. A touch screen refrigerator keeps recipes close at hand, while it dispenses cold filtered water and ice.

A separate preparation station and sink allow for two of you to be in the kitchen at a time. A warming draw keeps plates warm and food hot until you are ready to serve. Germ-resistant counter tops and two energy efficient dishwashers, one for dishes and the other for pots, make clean up a breeze. Paneling hides the restaurant quality refrigerator and dishwasher, giving the kitchen a seamless look.

Solar panels and a tank-less water heater keep pace with all of hot water demands. State of the art controls allow for the temperature to be set on the showers and determines how the water is dispensed, from massaging to a simple rain shower. Grab more of those stress free moments in the Jacuzzi tub while your favorite music drifts in from a remote controlled stereo system. Smile, in the knowledge that you are saving water in the children and guest bathrooms with sensors in the faucet.

Walk outside and enjoy your heated swimming pool. Heating by solar panels allows the pool to be utilized for a long period each year, saving you energy and heating costs. Surrounding this lies ecologically friendly landscaping. Using drought resistant and native plants saves in water costs, while retaining beauty and adding great value to your home.

A composite wood deck will delight your guests as they explore your xeno garden. Your children explore secret hideaways and delight in the variety of local plants and flowers that populate your yard. Watch them observe the koi fish that find your pond their perfect home.

Enjoy the safety and security that a home monitoring system offers. Check your cameras on computers that link up to your system. Look on playing children in their playroom from the other side of the house. With a few mouse clicks, you can check outside cameras for visitors. No more getting up in the middle of the night for strange sounds. Just check the cameras. Know your pets are safe as well with 24-hour monitoring.

It may seem that a luxury built home is beyond your reach but the rewards for owning such a home are well worth it. The latest state of the art technology provide security and home automation. Energy saving devices and alternative fuels such as solar energy and natural gas save you money in the long run and reduces your Carbon footprint. The ecological landscaping saves water and adds value. You will find that this is the best home value for a long term. It will make you want to come home.

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