Speed Clean Your House!

Professional cleaners can zip through an entire house in just a couple of hours and leave it sparkling from top to bottom. Imagine if you had that power at your fingertips! The truth is that you can speed clean your home, too, getting it completely clean in just a short amount of time. All it takes is a bit of know how!

First, you will need to schedule your cleaning. Professional maids don’t randomly jump from one task to the next. This might take a bit of time to set up the first time, but once you know what you’re doing, it gets faster and easier.

Basically, you want to move through the house in an orderly manner, starting first the tasks that need time to complete on their own. For example, you can begin by stripping all of the beds and throwing the sheets into the wash. By the time you finish with the entire house, they will be washed and dried and ready to put back on the beds. Any other chores that are similar, such as defrosting the fridge, etc. should be started at the very beginning of the process. Apart from that, you will go through each room methodically.

Scheduling your cleaning time is another trick that will save you time. Instead of waiting to see if you have a few minutes on Wednesday, why not decide once and for all that Saturday morning will be your cleaning time? Or whatever day works for you. When you have a set, weekly date, you will be more likely to actually complete the tasks necessary.

Make sure you are ready for the job. Check your cleaning supplies and make sure you have a good supply of rags on hand, as well as old clothes that can be bleached or stained. You lose valuable time and momentum by stopping to run to the store or worrying about a spot on your jeans. Make sure the clothing you are wearing is easy to move in, sweats are perfect for crouching and getting into awkward positions.

By serializing everything, you will be able to move much faster. Making all the beds the same way, following the same procedure in every bathroom, this allows you to finish quickly, working on autopilot. If you switch the way you do things each time, you will get confused and spend time thinking about what needs to be done next. Hotel chambermaids have this technique down to a T, they know exactly what needs to be done in what order and are able to do several rooms in rapid succession. You can do the same in your own home.

Put all your cleaning things into a bucket and tuck a couple of rags into your waistband before you begin. This allows you to take everything with you and saves a lot of time. You don’t have to be running back and forth, getting cleaning supplies since they are all right with you.

By following the tips given here, you should be able to speed clean your home easily. As you continue to do so each week, you will get faster and more efficient and eventually become a cleaning pro yourself.

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