A New Approach to Capital Punishment

A lot of people think that if you’re anti-abortion and pro-capital punishment, or vice versa, then you’re a hypocrite. Maybe so.

I’m in the vice versa category, pro-abortion and anti-capital punishment. I won’t get into the abortion thing right now; it doesn’t interest me that much.

I believe that humans have the right to kill other humans. Let me rephrase that. I believe that INDIVIDUALS have the right to kill other INDIVIDUALS. It’s human nature. It’s animal nature. Animals do it all the time; it’s the survival of the fittest. And yes, the last time I checked, humans are animals and prone to the same qualities that animals have (despite what you might think, over-zealous Jesus-lovers).

However, humans were “blessed” by “god” with the ability to perform more advanced mental processes. Because of their evolved brain capacities, humans can turn what they see, touch, smell, taste, and feel, into rage, insanity, greed, love, and a variety of other emotions befitting to the environment. It’s all natural. A man can’t help but kill his wife’s adulterous lover. A mother can’t help but kill her children to save them from the cruel world. A kid can’t help but kill the bullies who harassed him incessantly.

Over time, countless societies have arisen out of a need to occupy the ever-changing human mind. Suddenly there are consequences for the actions of the gifted animals. Murder becomes a crime. And what is the murderer’s punishment? Murder, of course. It makes perfect sense. In order for a society to make an example of their power and control over the masses, they must execute brute force and hypocrisy.

Here’s the reason I have a problem with societies killing “criminals”: societies have learned to mask their ultimate goals, power and control, by becoming what seems to be an agent to better the common human. How can a society claim to be a positive influence if it kills its own people?

For thousands of years, hypocritical, corrupted messiahs have brainwashed humans into shallow value systems that directly contradict the inherent nature of human animals. A lot of those who are pro-capital punishment believe that a murderer deserves to die. How do you know that? You can live your life one of two ways: you can believe that the actions of a person do not affect his or her right to life, or you can believe that certain actions that can be construed as “sins” limit the value of a person’s life, thereby justifying his or her death. If you believe the latter, you are admitting to the fact that you believe there is a god or gods who control the lives of every human being. In that case, you’re also a admitting that you have no control over your life whatsoever, so maybe society is the best bet for you.

The rest of us are just waiting for the end.

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