A New Year, a New YOU!

The New Year is right around the corner. It’s a great opportunity for everyone. It’s the time of the year where you can start fresh and new again. It’s the time of the year where you can learn from your mistakes and start a brand new slate.

Want to be a healthier person? Get out of a destructive relationship? Make a career change? What better time than 2014! I am a very goal focused person and I love checklists! Make a list of the pro’s and con’s of 2013. For example, some of my con’s would be my grandma passing from Colon Cancer, Credit Card Debt and needing to relocate. For my pro’s, spent a lot of time with family, publishing a coffee table book (Fabulous in Flip Flops) & running a fabulous breast cancer fundraiser. After you make a long list of your pro’s and con’s- really look at them. How can you improve in 2014?

For me, losing my grandma was a con (Of course! It was extremely hard on my entire family to lose my grandma to colon cancer), but I am going to make it a pro in 2014. I am going to make my grandma very proud up above. I am going to run a large successful Colon Cancer Fundraiser. My other con of the credit card debt, I have now made a strict budget and checklist for every month to pay off my credit cards. You can always turn your Con’s into a Pro! We sometimes do not have control over the negative things that happen in our life. But it’s important to learn from them and improve ourselves and the people around us.

Set your goals for 2014. For example, I want to be a healthier person in 2014. I have made myself little motivating pictures and hung them on the back of my bedroom door. Eating Healthier affects your entire life and especially your future.

One of my signs states DRINK WATER with a picture of a glass. Drinking water every day is something I have actually struggled with. I am not a fan of water. Drinking water improves your skin, gives you more energy & even helps with your digestive problems. Looking at the various articles online about water makes you think a little differently.

Surround yourself with positive and motivating things. Do you have a goal to find a new career in 2014? What are you going to do to find that dream job? It’s not going to fall right in your lap. Set goals! For example, make a list for the month. Jobs offerings change every day. Make time every week to set some time aside to submit your resume!

Want to get out of a destructive relationship, but afraid to be alone? You need to empower yourself! Keeping busy always helps you keep your mind off of things that tend to be bothering you. Sign up for weekly yoga classes or enroll in cooking classes. That way you have something to look forward to every week and get your mind off of everything. I do not recommend going out and dating someone new right away. You need to strengthen you first and be happy with who you are!

Whatever your goals may be. Big or small. The truth is that you can achieve them all. You just truly have to set your mind to them and work hard (sometimes VERY hard) to achieve all of them! My recommendation is to set mini goals to achieve your big goal.

For example in 2014, do you want to lose weight? If you want to be a healthier person and lose 40 pounds, take small steps. Don’t focus on that 40 pounds, focus on that 5 or 3 pounds at first, once you achieve that, then focus on the next 5.

For 2014, do you want to have your own business? Fantastic! Do you have a plan? Write it all down!! How are you going to achieve all of your goals? Make small steps. No one becomes a successful business owner overnight. Work hard to achieve your little goals to achieve all of your big ones!

In 2014 do you want to save money for a vacation or a new home? Set little goals for yourself. Save $20-$100 a week. Don’t buy your $4 coffee for a few months and you will realize how much you can actually save. It’s the little things and the small steps that truly help you achieve your goals!

I wish everyone a very successful 2014. If you have goals or things you truly want to overcome, conquer or achieve, the truth is you can do it! Make the small steps in to an amazing, wonderful NEW YOU!

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