A Piggy Bank Craft Project for Kids

Making a piggy bank is a fun craft project to do with kids. A piggy bank craft project can play double duty by occupying your child with something constructive to do and encouraging them to learn how to save money at the same time. A piggy bank is a memorable part of everyone’s childhood. Have a little fun with your own child this summer and make some fun and inventive piggy banks out of materials you probably have laying around the house.

To make a piggy bank craft project with your kids you will need:

A plastic container (milk jugs, juice bottles, Tupperware, or anything plastic with a lid)
Empty thread spools
Construction Paper
Miscellaneous craft materials of your choice

To begin making the plastic piggy bank craft project with your kids first clean out the jug. Remove all paper labels from the outside. You can clean the plastic container with rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner to remove any sticky residue from the labels.

Next, cut out the coin slot on the piggy bank craft project. You may want to do this step for your kids. It is important to complete this step of the craft project before you being decorating. You may have to hold the container tightly while you are cutting the money slot. This could damage all of the work your kids put into a completed piggy bank craft project.

Now that you have a clean surface you and you kids are ready to start crafting their piggy bank. You can apply paper or fabric to the outside using glue or fabric glue. For a longer lasting piggy bank try pouring some paint into the plastic container and rolling it around to coat the inside of the container. This will allow color to show through your craft project. This process works well on very clear plastic bottle like a soda bottle.

For ideas on what to make your piggy bank craft project you can take a little inspiration from the name. Turning an empty bottle into a pig or any other animal is not difficult. Simply turn the bottle on its side and use it for the main part of the animal’s body. You can attach empty spools of thread for the legs. A piece of pink pipe cleaner looks will make a great curly tail for the pig!

With the main body of the piggy bank craft project completed you and your kids are readily to add some embellishments. You can glue on googly eyes and make a snout for the piggy bank out of construction paper. Even another empty spool thread would make a great nose. This is a great time for your kid’s creativity to really shine through on this piggy bank craft project. Even if all of your kids choose the same animal, they will most likely all look completely different.

Creating a piggy bank craft project with your kids is a great way to have them help you save up for special summer outings. You could have all of your children work together to create a piggy bank that is one of the animals at the local zoo. Tell them to put their spare change and part of their allowance in their piggy bank craft project every week and the money will be used for a family day at the zoo. This is a great way to encourage teamwork and a sharing relationship between your kids. A common goal is always a wonderful learning tool. Teaching your kids how to handle money is a valuable lesson they will carry with them through life. Best of all the amount of time you spend making this piggy bank craft project is priceless.

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