Building a Wooden Gazebo

Many people have a patio, or beautiful spot in the backyard, where they go to relax on a warm summer day. Most of these get-a-ways are not covered, so they are very warm during the day and useless when it rains. The solution to this conundrum is to build a gazebo.

This gazebo is constructed of pressure treated wood and can be stained or painted. It is designed to be a permanent feature in your yard. Before you start this project, please check your local building codes and home own association for permits, permissions and rules. For example, some cities require a building permit if you are attaching something to your house, such as a gazebo. While a Home Owners Association may require that your back yard constructions are a certain color, or height.


After you have researched all of the rules and regulations, you are ready to plan the project. Planning is the key to a successful project.

Measure the space you have for the gazebo. This particular construction will be 8 feet tall, 8 feet long and 8 feet wide.

You will need:

4 – 8 foot long pressure treated, carved 4×4’s

7 – 8 foot long pressure treated 2×4’s

2 – 8 foot long, 4 foot wide treated privacy lattice panels

6 – 2 foot long treated 2×4’s

4 concrete deck anchors

1 box 3 inch treated deck screws

1 box 1 inch treated deck screws

See figure 2 for an example of the wood.

Be sure you measure your boards twice before cutting them; you can always take off more if they are too big, but if they are too small, you can’t add anything.

The Base Part 1

Place a deck anchor at what will be the first corner of your gazebo. Measure 8 feet to where you want the next corner to be and place another deck anchor. Now measure 8 feet across from that and place a third deck anchor, and place the last one at the last corner. You should have an 8 foot square with deck anchors as the corners.

Take one of the 8 foot 2×4’s and lay it across two of the deck anchors. Then place the level on it, verify that the anchors are straight and level. Do this on all sides.

You may sink the deck anchors into the ground for further stability if you wish. But be sure you verify your measurements before doing this, as these anchors are heavy and hard to move once they are in place.

Let the anchors set for now, we will come back to them.

The Roof

Lay 4 of the 8 foot boards on the ground in a square. Moving counterclockwise around the square, screw the first board to the front edge of the next one, this will form an overlapping corner as pictured in figure 1. Move to the next corner and do the same thing around the square; by alternating the overlap, you are creating a stronger square.

Now, place the remaining three 2×4’s in the center of the square as shown in RED on the diagram in figure 3. These will be two feet apart all the way across the square. Screw them from the outside to the inside on each end.

Place the two foot long 2×4’s between the eight foot 2×4’s as shown in GREEN on the same diagram. Drive screws into each of these at the ends as well.

Lastly, place the lattice across the frame, screwing it down along the edges, using the 1 inch screws. Then place screws anywhere the lattice meets the frame.

The roof is finished.

The Base Part 2

Place one 4×4 into each of the deck anchors.

Lift the roof into place atop the 4×4’s. You will need to have some friends with ladders to assist you at this point.

Make sure the 4×4’s are inside the square, and then screw the corners using the 3 inch screws as in figure 4.

Once the roof is attached, the gazebo is finished.

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