Inexpensive Deodorizer You Can Make for Your RV’s Holding Tank

If you own an RV you have a pretty good idea what you pay for deodorizer for your holding tank. It can get pretty expensive if you live in your RV possibly $100 to $300 a year. By mixing together a few simple ingredients you can make your own RV holding tank deodorizer that is inexpensive and effective. By making your own RV deodorizer you can save a lot of money over a year’s time.

The ingredients you need are Borateem, Pinesol cleaner, and ammonia. All of these products can be purchased in the laundry department of a grocery store. You will also need a gallon size container that has a lid that fits on the container securely. An empty liquid laundry detergent bottle is good for this purpose. Make sure you mark the bottle somehow so everyone will know what is inside the bottle. And if you are around small children the poison sign is a good symbol to place on the bottle too.

To make the RV holding tank deodorizer take one cup of Borateem, half cup of Pinesol cleaner and three tablespoons of household ammonia and put them into a gallon container. Then fill the gallon container with hot water. Put a lid on the container and set it aside. Be sure that you do not inhale the ingredients when you are working with them.

When you need to add some holding tank deodorizer to your holding tank just put in two cups of the mixture in the holding tank. You should have three to ten gallons in the holding tank before you add the mixture to the holding tank. You should follow the instructions for your particular RV.

When you buy Borateem, Piinesol and ammonia you spend about $10. These ingredients will make about five gallons of holding tank deodorizer and five gallons of this deodorizer will last up to eight times. Compare that with what you pay for buying commercial deodorizer and you save a lot of money.

the bad part of making your own holding tank deodorizer is that you are using hazardous chemicals that can cause injury if not used properly. So the decision is up to you. If you are a not comfortable using these hazardous chemicals then you may want to purchase commercial brands of holding tank deodorizer. That way you are safer when you add the deodorizer to your holding tank. Remember safety first.

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