The Art of Kan Jam

The game, Kan Jam, is taking Buffalo and the surrounding areas by storm. Surfacing in the 90s, Kan Jam gained consumer popularity right around the year 2000. I heard about the game myself while visiting a friend’s graduation party last year. The beauty of the game is that anyone can play, and the Kan Jam set does not even have to be purchased – it can be made!

All one needs for Kan Jam is the following: two, average sized plastic garbage cans, and two Frisbees. You may want to purchase some duct tape also, and you’ll need something to cut through a portion of each garbage can with. After a set is made, the game can be kept anywhere, and the garbage cans can still be used, if necessary!

To make your own Kan Jam set, cut a hole a little larger than a Frisbee into the middle-top of each can. When you are finished, duct tape the edges of the hole to stop from accidentally cutting yourself, as well as to increase the chances of the Frisbees sliding in. If the hole you’ve cut is too hard for everyone, you can always make it bigger. Duct tape also the rim of the garbage cans, and you can discard their lids unless you want to use them.

The point of Kan Jam, ideally, is to get your Frisbee into the garbage can that is a certain distance away. There should be four people playing. These four divide into two teams, with a partner to each garbage can. The cans should be spaced a comfortable Frisbee throwing distance apart. Each team then takes turns with the Frisbee that they have, tossing it towards the can. The partner on the other side is allowed to help the Frisbee into the can, but with striking only. Any grabbing of the Frisbee is considered carrying and is disqualified

I am not quite sure of the official rules, but around here, we usually play to twenty-one. One point is awarded if, with your partner’s help, you are able to strike the can with the Frisbee. Two points are awarded if you are able to strike the can without your partner’s help, before the Frisbee hits the ground. Three points are awarded if your partner can help the Frisbee you toss make it into the can via its top. Four points are awarded if you are lucky enough to get the Frisbee into the can, via its top, without your partner’s help. And, five points, or automatic win (depending on the skill of the players, and ease of entry) is awarded to the lucky person that can toss the Frisbee into the hole that was cut into the middle-top of the can.

Kan Jam is a great summer game, for people of all ages. For children, the cans simply have to be moved closer. As much of the game will involve striking the Frisbee with your hands, I would suggest the use of softer plastic Frisbees, and not hard plastic Frisbees.

If you want to spend the money, Kan Jam is available for purchase via their website or at select, regional retailers, such as the Boulevard Mall in Amherst, NY. More is available in the related links section of this article.

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