GE Nautilus Portable Dishwasher

Of all the household chores doing dishes is my least favorite. I can never get the glasses to sparkle no matter how hard I try and I hate scrubbing pots and pans and just have a general dislike for washing dishes in general. I began to explore all of my options when it came to get out off washing trying using paper plates and cups. I even went as far as to pack all the dishes away so there would be less to wash. The lesson I learned from that was reapeted washing.

I soon became pregnant with my son and I knew dishes were going to be inevitable. I was going to have to suck this up and start washing bottles. I was not looking forward to this or being pregnant hovered over the sink.

Being a renter I really did not want to install a dishwasher into someone elses house and my landlord is a major cheapskate so asking him to put one in was out of the question.

I went to visit a friend she had a dishwasher that was different than any I had ever seen, it was sitting in front of her sink and had wheels. I had to find out all about it. I learned it was portable and drained in the sink and was the the coolest thing since sliced bread. I found a anwser to all my problems that day.

I soon went home and started pricing portable dishwashers and reading reviews and learning more about the features and which features I wanted.

I purchased my dishwasher at Lowes, they had a great rebate on delivery and I know GE is a brand I can trust to get the job done. The cost was a little over $300.00 and it was a little pricier than standard dishwashers but this was what I needed and wanted so the cost was not a major factor.

I had it delivered and the set up was something so simple, I just attached a ring to the faucet in my sink and that was it. I was all set up and ready to go.

I had to check the product out right away and I had dishes so this was the perfect chance, I read the directions and ran some hot water first in the sink to get the water temprature up, plugged my dishwasher into the outlet and then connected the hose to the sink. I loaded the dishwasher put in my detergent and I was set to go.

I was highly amazed that the glasses were crystal clear and my dishes were spotless. I love this product and have used it almost every day, it is extremely durable and I havent noticed a jump in my water bill or my electric bill. The dishes come out clean as new and this saves so much time in the kitchen. The fact that it is portable comes in handy as when I am not using it I can place it in the corner and use as needed.

The only downfall is the amount of time it takes to wash a load can be long sometimes, however it is time well spent doing other things.

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