A Prayer for the Sober

Alcohol is terror!
Alcoholics are terror, too!
But living in a world of alcoholism is the worst terror of all!

You’re always scared to go home,
because you don’t know what the hell’s going to happen!
Leaving isn’t all that great either,
because you don’t know what the hell you’re going to come home to!

If only alcoholics could see themselves through the eyes of their loved ones,
then I bet you your bottom dollar they wouldn’t dream of touching another drop of that poison.

For most people,
Their savior,
Their god,
The being in which they pray to is:
Jesus Christ

But for me, a teenage child of an alcoholic,
My savior,
My god,
The being in which I pray to is:
Alcoholics Anonymous

I pray to my God every night silently begging for the following things:
I ask my God for the courage and the strength to get through another day with my alcoholic.
I ask my God to help convince my alcoholic to stop drinking and to finally start thinking.
I ask my God to help convince my alcoholic to get some help before he kill himself or worse kills an innocent human being.

Please God,
Oh please,
Hear my plea,
And believe me, God,
This plea is not only for me,
God, this is a plea for this nightmare to be over!


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