Living in Protest

Hey, little angel
Come sit here at my feet
I want to look into those mysterious eyes
And pray God your soul I might keep

Hey, little angel
Don’t leave me all alone
Your love may be just a delusion
But I have none of my own

Living in protest
Without taking a stand;
Looking at the world from space
And the very ways of man
One can see the evil in things
And wonder by whose hand
The hunger, death, and destruction
Will end (or escalate) upon the land

Hey, little angel
There is no end in sight
For the one who dreams dreams of you
Whether it’s day or night

Hey, little angel
Can you advise me
From your station way up high,
In climbs from which I cannot see?

Living in protest
Down here on Earth
Is anyone listening
To the womb giving birth
In its great travail
Of deep sorrow and mirth?
Could we really feed the children
And free them from dearth?

Hey, little angel
Rain fire from above
To warm the hearts of the cold and lost
Who can’t feel your love

Hey, little angel
Decode this if you will:
Come back home to the darkness
And for a season be still

Living in protest
In a world that is free
But the price is high
For some who would be
Living life with joy
If they could but see
That letting go of the shackles
Would be worth the fee

Hey, little angel
Bane though I be
It’s not really deliberate
It’s only this side of me

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