My Wish

My Wish

So many people wish
Upon stars
Expecting dreams to come true

I just see them as what
They are
No magic, nothing new

But tonight I wished upon
A star
The brightest I could see

And with all my might
I prayed
For just three things to come to me

First I asked for love
To be
Loved for all that I am

To be swept up off
My feet
By someone who really understands

I asked for compassion
And simple
Peace of mind

So I could live with
Others and
Appreciate those by my side

At last I asked for joy
That I’d
Find it in all I do

That everything I see
And touch
Would be miraculous and new

I don’t know why I
Chose tonight
To start believing dreams

It may have been a passing
Thought or
The way the moon beams

But suddenly I feel hopeful
That the
World’s a brighter place

There seems to be more to
Live for
And sadness has left my face

Tonight I dreamed a dream
Something I
Never thought I’d do

And tomorrow again I’ll wish
On a
Star or maybe two

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