To My Best Friend

You once told me,
“Once two friends become lovers, they can never be friends again.”
And I naively said, “What we have would never end!”
I want you to know that I believed what I said.
But I could not see inside your head.
And it began like all love affairs do,
It was all about just me and you.
We traveled as if connected at the hip,
If one fell, we both took the slip.
Whatever the season, sunshine, colored leaves, or snow,
You were the only one I wanted to love or to know.
But you had to go far away, travel off to go to school,
And I told you I would wait, such a little fool!
You went to classes and you grew, and got so book smart,
When you came home, I saw there had been a change of heart.
Somehow in your travels far and wide,
You forgot your promise to make me your bride.
And when I told you I didn’t want us to end, that you were my best friend,
You said it again, “Once two friends become lovers,
they can never be just friends again!”
You told me you had met someone else, smarter and brighter than me,
And I would find someone else too, just wait and see.
It was your turn to not see inside my head.
The day you left me all alone, I wished you both dead!

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