Cloud Dancer

A lone hawk skates gracefully across silent skies
wispy fingers of mist caressing his bronzed wings
his restless warrior’s heart
searching ceaselessly
high above this sullen earth.

Perched in the trees she watches,
tracking his progress with wary, longing eyes.
Yearning to join him…
Cloud dancer, sky walker,
crying his haunting songs

In one heart shattering moment
her hungry heart swollen with love,
seeing his huge graceful form
swooping through the early evening’s light,
she soars…

Rising…. she surfs the wind,
calling him …
enticing him with her sirens song…
swooping through the clouds,
winged enchantress of the northern skies.

Aloft, they soar
above the surly ruins of this planet
and kiss the face of God
with sea scented feathers
and dance with angels
among the stars.

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