Funny Things Famous People Would Do If They Were the Last People Alive

This tells you what famous people would do if they were the last people alive on the world:

Adam: Well there’s nothing to stop him eating all the apples he wants now.

Bill Gates: It doesn’t matter to him he’s already got everything in the world.

Dennis the Menace: Shoot peas at the corpses

Doctor Who: Just goes back in time to when there was people.

Homer Simspson: Break into a doughnut factory and spend the rest of his life in there.

Jeremy Clarkson: Pray that there’s enough petrol left for the rest of his life.

Neil Armstrong: ‘It’s one small step for man and one giant leap for ….. oh whatever im
the only man left!’

Noah: Well at least he’s got his animals.

Peter Kay: spend all day on ‘tinternet.

Richard Hammond: Fill a deesert with caravans and destroy them with a nuke.

Shaun of the dead: Think there might be a possibility it was
the zombies that are now breaking into his house

Scooby Doo: Set out to find out who got rid of all the people that get distracted by food.

Steven Hawking: Just carry on studying…..

Tony Blair: Wair his flowery swimming trunks around everywere.

Wallace: Fly to the moon and eat the cheese.

So that would probably be there reactions but lets hope that this does not happen because I
don’t think I’d want any of these people being the last person alive!

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