Best Mistake I Ever Had

June 23 ,2003

She walked outside with confedence in her eyes ready to challenge another day . Well as she made her way down the street he made his way towards her feet , “Excuse me” , she says . “Oh no excuse me “, he says. I never knew that a day like this can be so graceful to me because here I stand looking at a woman my eyes never thought to dream of because it has not seen a beauty and a love like I feel me and you are going to start “, he says. She smiles as she tell herself ,”I am doing my best to push this one away but something about his courage just drives my selfishness away , and my smile that I give him it said.
Yes! in a that he already knew I felt the same thing he had seem in me . So she began to date him for a while but as she dates him the mystery of what bothers her mind of his background and who he really is makes her fell that this is the Best mistake she or I have ever made

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