Fatherhood Passages for a Younger Me

I’ve got a message, some thoughts to condense
I’ll bring them together and send them away
To the time before, to my previous life
When I saw through youth and cigarette incense

Today is your reason, now is your time
You’re a father, a dad, you’re stepping along
With a little hand and a tottering grin
You’re happy now that she’s locked you in

Oh, this is no puppy, no walk in the park
There are diapers and noise, and some breaking of toys
Patience, slow downâÂ?¦ sometimes it’s scary and dark
And you just shut the door for a little snore, and oh- no more

Behold the moments of firsts, the parental rights as first witness
First word, first step, first toy that she’s kept
Now she claps, and dances, and makes funny faces
Full of hugs and kisses (sometimes she misses)

Oh, the joy! What is the word that takes it all in and tells of the things that can’t be explained?

A message is coming, surely it’s forming
The picture is burred, the words are slurred
But along with the past, as the circle of life, it’s round
Oh, Yes! Yes! The story continues to an I not found

Your daughter’s alive and learning well
That there’s good and bad, and things that are sad
Lessons for her, but especially for dad
Like fixing things unbroken, or leaving it unspoken

But oh you’re glad and bursting in pride
Of the memories had, of her confident stride
As she takes it all in, where she’s been and
Someday she’ll swear that she’s heard that word,
The one that takes it all in and tells of the things that can’t be explained.

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