A Quick and Easy Way to Remove Cat Hair from Furniture

I have two cats and it seems that I am constantly picking up cat hair from my hardwood floors and furniture. The hardwood floors are pretty easy to clean with a Swifter Mop but the furniture and clothing is a completely different story. It is embarrassing to have a guest into your home and have them leave covered in cat hair so I have included the methods below into my normal cleaning routine.

I always start with the furniture and end with the floors so that any cat hair that is falling off of the furniture will eventually get swept up when the floors are done. For the wood furniture, a static cleaning cloth seems to work great and they can go straight into the washer after each use. After using the static cleaning cloth, I will then give everything a coat of Pledge furniture polish. The furniture polish seems to help repel the cat hair from wood furniture but this is just one step in my search for a quick and easy way to remove cat hair.

The fabric covered furniture poses more of a problem than the wood. Some fabrics tend to attract pet hair more than others and it seems that every piece of furniture in my house is a cat hair magnet. I start the process by going over all of the furniture with a lint brush. I prefer the type that has the sticky sheets that peel off and I typically purchase these at the dollar store in bulk. After the majority of the cat hair has been removed by the lint brush, I will take the process a step further.

I love to clean with vinegar and have found that a mixture of vinegar and water is a great way to kill odors as well as pick up cat hair. I mist the fabric covered furniture with the vinegar and water mixture and go over it with a clean white cloth. This will remove cat hair quickly and easily and leave your furniture odor free. If you have heavily textured fabrics, you may want to use a rubber glove to go over your furniture instead of a cleaning cloth. The rubber glove seems to pick up hair better when the fabric is heavily textured. This is also a great time to clean up any stains that you may find on the furniture from those little paws prints that seem to be everywhere.

Once I have removed the cat hair from the furniture, the floors are ready to be cleaned. This step is quick and easy with the help of a Swifter Mop. This whole process typically takes less than fifteen minutes and I can say that after the process was completed a few times, it seemed to be much easier to manage the cat hair. While the whole process may seem a bit labor intensive, I can say that after the first few times, the whole process has become a quick and easy way to remove cat hair.

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