Easy Clean Paintbrush: Reliable Product Delivers on its Promises

One of the easiest ways to give any room in your house a facelift is with a coat of paint. Painting is far less expensive than putting up new wall paper and far less labor intensive than replacing your tile floors. I love to paint and it can be very inexpensive if you take care of your paint tools. Often you can get many years of use out of the same brushes, rollers, and other painting tools. However if you don’t take care of your paint tools you will be purchasing them over and over again for each new painting project.

After we moved into our new home I decided that the one thing the living room needed was a fresh coat of paint to cover some of the imperfections. I pulled out my painting supplies only to find that my best paintbrushes were hard. It seems that the last time I used them they did not get clean enough. The remnants of paint were still apparent in the middle of the brush making it useless. Great, that meant another trip to the hardware store for more brushes. Before I took that trip I decided to check online for what brushes are the easiest to clean. During this search I came across a new product called the Easy Clean Paintbrush. I decided at that point to put off my painting for another week and ordered two of these brushes.

I wasn’t exactly enthused about paying $10 per brush but I figured if the product was as good as I hoped the investment would make it worth it. I would much rather spend $10 on a product that last for a few years than spend three dollars on one every couple of months. When my new Easy Clean Paintbrushes arrived I could not wait to use them. They look exactly like a regular paintbrush except that the handle is much thicker than on on a normal paintbrush. The handle is also round rather than being flat like other popular brands of paintbrushes. The reason the handle is round is because of the easy cleaning capability. The tip of the handle screws off allowing you to attach the Easy Clean Paintbrush directly to your kitchen faucet. Once the brush is attached to the faucet or even better your garden hose simply turn on the water and it will flow through the bristles from the middle of the brush. This ensures that you will get your brush squeaky clean after every use. You no longer have to worry about paint drying the middle of the brush making it unusable.

The finish provided by these brushes is excellent and leaves little to no bristle marks on the walls. As promised the Easy Clean Paintbrush was easy to clean and the bristles were still flexible and soft. I love this product and plan to purchase the full set before my next painting project. Easy clean paintbrushes come in five sizes 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, and 4. They are also available in straight and angle styles. Most retail for around $10.00 though 7,5, and 3 piece multi-packs are available as well.

The Easy Clean Paintbrush can be purchased online or at Tractor Supply Stores. For locations near your or to order online visit www.easycleanpaintbrush.com

I hope you enjoy this product as much as I did.

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