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The minute you declare that you have money in your checkbook or that you appear to be heeding your budget, a piece of equipment will clang, rattle, or moan. That is just the law of living and rather than panic if something is spewing hot water, be prepared with a handy list of reliable contractors. Better yet, do preventive maintenance and keep your home equipment in working order. A good contractor will keep you advised yearly or bi-yearly and will respect your budget. Do your research, be knowledgeable, and in turn, respect the contractor’s skills. Instead of a crisis situation, home repairs with a trusted contractor can be a satisfying experience. Here are some suggestions for Tarrant County, Texas (Fort Worth suburbs).

Heating and Air Conditioning

Heating and air conditioning units generally last ten years. After that, the efficiency level goes down and your energy bills go up. Check your air filter regularly to avoid strain on the system. Hose your outdoor condensing unit and keep it free of grass clippings, leaves, and shrubbery. If you notice that your unit is running excessively, call a contractor. Consider a maintenance or replacement call during the off-season (January thru April). The contractors have more time to help you and may offer better deals on a unit or service contract. Doing a patch may seem cheaper in the short run, but your overall efficiency will diminish.

The following family-owned businesses offer reliable service, timeliness, and efficiency. Frymire Services (817-810-0867), Stark Service (817-348-8375), and Webb Air Conditioning (817-885-7595) provide service on a variety of equipment, duct cleaning, attic insulation, and ventilation services. With trained employees, you will get the recommendations needed to make the proper decision on your heating and air conditioning needs.

Brick and Stone Work or Concrete

Skilled masons are needed for repairing cracks in the brick on your home or in building a new brick mailbox. Recognizing different brick qualities to avoid moisture penetration is a key aspect in hiring a brickwork contractor. Knowing how to mix mortar with the proper ratio mix also requires knowledge. Home repair requiring brick or stonework can be caused by nature – foundation settling, exposure to the elements, and water infiltration. Or damage can occur from a car running into a mailbox or wall. Either way, you want a skilled mason to do repairs or build a new barbeque pit. One specialist is Brick Doctor (817-294-6133) who deals with arches, columns, planters, walkways, and any other brick or stone projects at your home. Consultations and the assignment of a project manager will ease the strain on your budget.

Rather than stone or brick work, your project might require decorative concrete that resembles flagstone, slate, tile, or even marble. A decorative pattern can be poured as an overlay onto existing concrete. Consider calling Advanced Construction (817-294-6125) for a contracting consultation. A boring patio could become an asset to your entertainment needs.

Tile Installation

A bad tile job not only looks uneven and sloppy, but it will prove troublesome as time goes by. Grout will not hold, tiles will chip, and you are left with a mess. Talk with a tile installer who can recommend the proper tile for your application. A glazed ceramic tile is versatile – scratch resistant, stain resistant, easy to clean, and will not fade in sunlight. An unglazed ceramic tile is less slippery for heavier traffic areas and does not show wear. Stone tile may scratch and can show damage from any cleaning with acids. Located in Fort Worth, Southwest Stone and Tile (817-289-0320) can offer cost effective solutions for your tile needs. Small repairs or remodeling, they can do the work in a timely manner.


Dealing with water requires a professional contractor. The tiniest leak can turn into a huge headache and water damage that is irreversible. For water heater repair or replacement, drainage problems, faucets, garbage disposals, toilets, and sinks, consider the following reliable plumbers in the Fort Worth area – Ernie’s Plumbing (817-429-7848), Blackmon Mooring (817-730-1948), or Roto-Rooter (817-834-6412). All of these companies answer calls quickly and will stop emergency water flows. They can also do regular maintenance checks to extend equipment life.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

If you called the plumber too late, water may have damaged and stained your carpets and even some furniture. A call to a professional cleaning contractor will leave you spot and mildew free. Whether shampooing, dry foam, dry cleaning, dry powder, or steam cleaning, these carpet and upholstery cleaner professionals will know the proper method needed for your job. Consider calling the following contractors for a quote – A-abc Chem-Dry (817-531-2077), Raleys (817-467-3131), or Metro Carpet Care (817-656-1726). It might be time for spring cleaning at your house, or you might have a flood situation. Either way, you will be satisfied with the service from these professionals.

With the do-it-yourself television shows and classes at the local home store, people think they can accomplish anything around the house. Nonetheless, it is wise to assess your skills and consider call a professional contractor for the big jobs. Or if you tackle a small job incorrectly, you might need the above contractor phone numbers to save you. Respect the professional contractors for their expertise and for having the appropriate tools. It will ultimately save you time and money.

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