Four Ways Kids Can Go Green for Free

Looking for a way for kids to Go Green for free? Well, Going Green does not have to cost a cent and there are so many ways to involve the kids in on the whole Go Green process. Try these easy and free ways to Go Green for Kids for a week and then have the kids share the ideas with their own friends.

One of the first ways a kid who is serious about Going Green can help is to wash dishes. Seriously, I know no kid out there wants to hear this one! It is free though! Running the dishwasher uses a large amount of water and energy. Turning back the clocks and washing dishes the old fashioned way in the sink will save water, energy, and money!

So, have the kids fill up the sink with soapy warm water. They should wash all of their dishes first. Fill another sink with clean water. Dip dishes in this to rinse off. Then they can towel dry or drip dry!

No one said all aspects of Going Green for kids would be a day at the park, but if everyone wants to do their part, then this is a small price to pay!

The second way kids can Go Green for free is to ride the bus to school. The bus or any form of public transportation is already running. Anyone who can use this will help to keep yet another gas guzzling car off the road.

If using the bus is not an option for your child, then maybe they can work on a carpool route with other nearby families! Try researching this option through your neighborhood churches and social gathering areas. You will be surprised at what car-pooling options you can find!

The third way kids can Go Green for free is to recycle. Recycling is always free, so help your family recycle. If Mom or Dad is too busy, then help them out. Organize plastics together, papers, together, and metals together. Have it ready on garbage day for the recycle truck to pick up. If no recycle truck comes to your part of town, then check your city’s web site to see if your location can be added to the route. If not, then look for a listing of local recycling drop off spots in your city. Make it a Saturday morning trip with Mom or Dad to recycle!

Finally, kids can easily Go Green for free by simply unplugging unused electrical devices throughout the home. Anything plugged into an electrical socket, but not turned on will still use some amount of energy. This is all wasted. So, if you have some spare TV’s around the house that are plugged in that you do not use, un plug them. This applies to old toys, stereos, and anything plugged into the wall!

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