Jura-Capresso S9 Avantegarde

I was paying a visit to a good friend of mine (who is known to be serious about his caffeine) when he proceeded to brag about his Jura-Capresso S9 Avantegarde. He proceeded to make me a couple of drinks and I was impressed because the machine made it look so easy. Although I was intrigued, I was hesitant to buy one for myself because of the high price. But when I told my husband about it, he insisted on buying one as he rationalized that I probably spend that much money on commercial coffee houses alone.

First, don’t be too intimidated with how the Jura-Capresso S9 Avantegarde looks. Making coffee on this machine isn’t at all complicated. Just study the manual really well and you’ll get the hang of it. I vouch that this is a coffee machine that is virtually idiot-proof. In no time at all, I was able to make espressos and cappuccinos. I can’t take credit, however, because it’s really only a question of pushing buttons. The Jura-Capresso S9 Avantegarde claims to be fully programmable and it doesn’t lie.

I haven’t had a bad cup of coffee with the Jura-Capresso S9 Avantegarde and even frothing milk is easy. I also like the way this machine looks. My kitchen is quite modern so the Jura-Capresso S9 Avantegarde’s platinum design stands out well against my metal accents.

What about the clean-up? The Jura-Capresso S9 Avantegarde will inform you when it needs to be rinsed and if you want your machine to last long, I advise that you listen to it. You also need to clean up the wand that steams the milk but this is easy. This shouldn’t be a problem unless you are very lazy…and if you are very lazy, you probably aren’t going to consider buying this machine in the first place. Just keep buying your drinks overpriced at your neighborhood coffee bar.

I recently read a review that said the Jura-Capresso S9 Avantegarde only lasts for 14 months. I asked my friend about it and he said this wasn’t true. It’s really a question of taking care of the machine. The frequency of use doesn’t matter. I am inclined to agree.

I highly recommend the Jura-Capresso S9 Avantegarde to serious coffee drinkers who want to recreate the experience of drinking coffee drinks at coffee bars in the comfort of their own home. If you hardly drink coffee, don’t even bother and spend your hard-earned money on something else.

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