A Review of Smells Be Gone Odor Absorbing Gel

I have an unusual problem in my home. I care for seven school age children in a home daycare setting, and one of them, although he is 8 years old, has some major bowel issues. He smells most of the time, and sometimes makes my home smell. His mom is a friend of mine, so this is a very touchy situation. I have tried numerous products to remove the odors from my home, placing them in our entryway.

Either the products were too perfumy, too chemical smelling, they gave me a headache, or they simply didn’t work.

I recently tried a different approach to removing odors, by purchasing a product by the Punati Chemical Corporation called Smells Be Gone Citrus Odor Absorber.


This is a deodorizer, in that it helps absorb odors in the air. The 15 ounce tub is made of plastic, and measures 3 3/4″ high and is 3 1/2″ in diameter across the mouth. The cap screws off, but it also has a portion that flips open across half of the container, revealing five large oval shaped holes. Open the flip top lid for mild odors, or unscrew the lid and remove completely for stronger odors. There is a seal that needs to be removed first, which keeps the product fresh until you are ready to use it.

The contents are a light marbled yellow color, and although it looks solid (almost like wax from a candle), it is a gel like substance. Touching it will make your finger tip wet.

Product Claims

* Non-toxic, safe
* Recyclable container
* Biodegradable
* Effective for about 450 square feet
* Lasts for approximately 90 days
* Traps & eliminates odors by altering their protein structure


My tub of Smells Be Gone Citrus does not list any ingredients. When a product claims to be non-toxic, I like to read that for myself, especially with having so many children in my care throughout the day. I visited the company website, (www.punati.com) and checked out their material safety data sheet, and indeed it says: “NON-HAZARDOUS INGREDIENTS ONLY”.

This product does contain pure essential oils, so I am very pleased to know that! I absolutely love using essential oils instead of chemical scents.


When I first opened this, I was very pleased with the fresh citrus scent. It didn’t have a chemical odor, but actually smelled like oranges.

I placed this with the flip top cap open, revealing half of the contents, in my laundry room / entry room, where my parents come in and out each day. I thought that the room would take on the scent of the citrus (like a room freshener does), but it didn’t work that way. I rarely noticed the smell in my home.

However, my husband did notice a difference when he came home from work each day. Sometimes I would get so used to this child’s scent that I didn’t notice it as much, but when my husband (who was away from the home all day) walked in the door, he would immediately tell me (in private) that the house smelled like this child.

Since I started using the Smells Be Gone in our entry way, the problem has been much alleviated. I’ve been very happy with this product! I don’t have to worry about any spills, candle flames, or sprays … I just open the tub and place it on my shelf and it does it’s job of removing odors from my home.

This 15 ounce tub starts out full, but as it gets used the contents shrink down, until eventually it ends up being 1/4 of the original size. It ends up as a hard hockey puck sized mass, and then it’s time to pitch it and buy a new one.

Other Scents Available

* Calming Rain
* Cinnamon & Spice
* Relaxing Lavender
* Soothing Breeze
* Fragrance Free

Where To Use

This product can be placed anywhere you have a bad odor. Under sinks, musty crawl spaces, near a cats litter box, in bathrooms, linen closets, garages, etc.

Since the product is non-toxic it’s a safer alternative to have around children and pets. The caution reads:

It does say to keep away from children and pets, but it does not say you need to call poison control!

Where Can I Buy It?

My local Bed Bath & Beyond store carries the full line of Punati products, but they can also be found online at Amazon.com and other websites.


This tub of odor absorber only cost $7.99, and it does last for 3 months. That is so much cheaper than spending money on the scented oils I had been using, and I believe it’s safer as well.

Final Recommendation

I love this product! It’s almost too good to be true. I’ve tried it in the Citrus and Cinnamon scent, and like them equally well. I love that it’s non-toxic and contains pure essential oils, and I love how easy it is to use!

I highly recommend this product for any household odors. I plan on putting one in our motorhome when we get it out of storage in May, because it always has that musty smell from being closed up all winter.

This is a great product!

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