A Review of Springfield Armory Products

I’m quite new to Springfield Armory’s products. First I bought an XD-9 subcompact 9 mm and more recently I acquired a Loaded Model 1911. My experience with the 9 mm was unpleasant. It appears that there were rust spots on the out-of-the-box pistol. Furthermore, after firing only a few hundred rounds of factory ammunition an internal part cracked. When the gun was working it was accurate in the recoil was very manageable. However, Sprinkled Armory produced a lemon that time. Maybe they’re still getting the bugs worked out.

My experience with the Loaded Model 1911 was a little better. I have not had one failure to fire after about 500 rounds of use. This of course is the main thing; reliability. The only negatives about the pistol are the sharp corners and the night sights seemed slightly crooked. Also, the parkerized finish was starting to rub off in some spots at a very early stage. None of these were serious negatives but they are noticeable.

I did end up making some changes to the 1911. These changes included putting on a Smith and Alexander beaver tail grip safety, an Ed Brown recoil spring guide and plug, a Wilson Combat magazine, a Colt trigger, and Hogue grips. So far, the pistol works like butter. I feel that the 1911 is a serious defensive pistol worthy of protecting a household.

In regards to the XD, I went to a gun range at a little while back asking if I could rent an XD pistol for some range time. The guy said that the triggers broke and that they had to be sent back to the factory for repairs. If he’s being honest then this is a bad flaw in the design. Perhaps their second-generation XD’s will have a sturdier trigger. It is odd because I would think that a plastic trigger like that on a Glock would break before a metal trigger.

While the XD lineup is not perfect it does get close to perfection. Specifically the more ergonomic grip is much appreciated. The 1911 style grip safety is also welcomed. I really liked the two-stage recoil system as this seemed to really soften recoil. It is not the most beautiful pistol the world but that is not what it is intended for. It is intended to be a serious self-defense weapon. Some people say that the XD out-Glocks the Glock but I would say that they are two different pistols. The Glock design is approaching three decades of use. The XD is a newer design and is part of a newer generation of pistols. Overall, I would say that Springfield Armory products are worth a look. Just stay on top of their changes and announcements to make sure you get one of their better performing models.

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