A Review of the Senco DS275 Cordless Screwdriver

The Senco DS275 is an 18-volt cordless screwdriver. It’s useful for a range of applications such as floor sheathing, decking, and drywall. You can find the Senco DS275 cordless screwdriver for an average price of $250. Let’s take a look at some of the features offered by this screwdriver.

The Senco DS275 is designed to drive screws that measure between one and three inches long. The screwdriver holds one strip containing 50 screws. It’s extremely easy to install the strips, which speeds up production time. Also, the Senco DS275 is equipped with a protective screw guard. You can also change bits easily from square to Phillips.

The Senco DS275 is equipped with a high-torque motor. The motor can deliver up to 3,000 revolutions per minute. The Senco DS275 delivers up to 50 inch-pounds of torque which is enough power to drive screws without slowing down.

This cordless screwdriver is powered by an 18-volt battery. The battery is designed to provide a nice balance between runtime and weight. It does a nice job in this department as the Senco DS275 only weighs 6.9 pounds. You will also appreciate the cushioned grip and trigger which allows you to use the tool comfortably. The unit also provides a charger that completely recharges the battery in approximately one hour.

Another nice feature of the Senco DS275 is the reverse switch which allows you to remove driven screws. The clutch is designed to provide maximum durability. The screwdriver also has an adjustable nose piece complete with easy-to-read markings. The Senco DS275 also provides for easy depth of drive adjustment so that you can control the amount of countersink.

There are a range of useful accessories provided with the Senco DS275. You are provided with a wood nose piece, drywall nose piece, a Phillips drive bit, and two square drive bits. The Senco DS275 is also packaged with an extra battery and a carrying case.

If you’re looking to buy a cordless screwdriver, then you should consider buying the Senco DS275. The motor provides up to 50 inch-pounds of torque so that the unit can drive screws without slowing down. The Senco DS275 also features a reverse switch so that you can remove screws that are already driven in. The screwdriver weighs slightly less than seven pounds and has a cushioned grip and trigger so that you can use the tool comfortably.

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