Options for Storing Fireplace Wood Indoors

The majority of fireplace wood is stored outside, but keeping a small amount indoors is convenient, especially when temperatures significantly drop. Kindling stored inside is dry and ready to use. However, not everyone has a storage closet next to their fireplace or a door with direct access to an outdoor firewood pile. Use one or more of these options for storing fireplace wood indoors, and make conveniences a part of the decor.

Precautionary Statement

It is not advisable to store firewood indoors. It can introduce insects into the home, and if it is stored too close to the fireplace it can present a fire hazard. Store firewood outside and away from the house if insects are a concern, and never store it too close to the hearth.

Consider Storing Firewood in a Large Decorative Basket

I purchased a large sturdy basket for storing small amounts of fireplace wood indoors. I choose a shallow woven basket that would provide support for a stack of several logs. It added style to the rustic cabin design and charm of the room, and it provided one of the best options for storing extra fireplace wood indoors.

Use a Large Canvas Tote and Metal Frame

Stores that sell fireplace supplies offer wood racks with metal frames and removable canvas holders. They are not decorative, but they are also one of the most practical options for storing fireplace wood indoors. They are also relatively inexpensive. The canvas is designed with handles to make carrying wood in from outside easier than ever. The handles wrap around the frame of the rack to create a sturdy place for temporary storage.

Fill Freestanding Sturdy Bookshelves with Firewood

Are you looking for budget options for storing larger amounts of fireplace wood indoors? It is not necessary to hire a construction professional build shelving or a closet especially for storing wood. Imagine a sturdy freestanding shelf unit on both sides of the fireplace in a color of your choice. Fill the shelving with wood that is free from dirt, debris and insects. For safety reasons, be sure to attach the shelving securely to a wall stud to prevent tipping. The shelves will look great when filled with fireplace wood, and you will not have to make trips outdoors in the cold.

Source: Personal and Profession Home Design and Decorating Experience

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