How to Make Your Own Battery Powered Magnet

You can make a simple battery powered magnet and also very very cheaply made.

If you’re a science freak and are always looking for new and interesting ideas to try and out and test, then this simple but fun project is just for you.

Everyone loves to create and experiment with things from time to time and this project is very simple to do. All the few materials that you will be needing are all inexpensive and are easily accessible if you have at least one retail store around in your local area.

In order to create your first battery powered magnet, you’re going to need at least one foot of copper wire. The copper wire should be a very small gage wire that can be easily bent in order to do this fun project.

You’re going to need one nail. Preferably a two to three inch nail for good results.

You also need one D battery no matter who it’s made by. You may want to choose a good quality battery if you want your experiment to last for a long period of time.

You will also need duct tape.

The first step in making your battery operated magnet, is to first take your wire and wrap it from the head down with at least two inches of the end of the wire exposed before wrapping it in a downward spiral along your nail making sure that every wrap touches the previous wrap. Wrap the wire to approximately one quarter of an inch from the tip of the nail cutting off the excess wire exposing at least two to three inches of wire after the wrap is done.

Next you will attach the two ends of wire to each ends of the battery having the positive end of the battery using the wire at the head of the nail and the negative side of the battery using the end of the wire at the tip of the nail.

You will then tape each of the ends of wire onto the battery making sure that they wire is secured against the terminals of the battery so that there is a good connection on both ends of the battery.

You now have your very own battery operated magnet to set forth in motion. Try it out on anything metal and see what your results are. An example piece of metal could be a safety pin seeing as how it is very very light and can be picked up without effort. You can also see good results with something light.

Enjoy this simple, fun and cheap science project and have fun!

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