10 Tips to Make Packing for Your Move Easier

To help packing day run smoothly here’s a list of the top 10 packing essentials.

  1. Good quality boxes. Often the type of boxes that you use when packing are taken for granted, but it is important to ensure that the boxes you use are of a high quality. A proper packing box should be sturdy and made up of cardboard that is not easily bent. Most removal companies will have good quality boxes for sale and there are also companies that specialize in packing boxes.
  2. Good quality tape. It is important to invest in a packing tape that is designed especially for sealing packing boxes. This will ensure that the tape doesn’t break or come unstuck while in transit. A good quality packing tape should be made tough enough to resist center seam splitting and score line breaking even when the boxes are being handled roughly. You can buy good quality packing tape from most hardware stores.
  3. Don’t pack with newspaper. Newspaper print has a tendency to rub off on items that you wrap in it and can stain and damage your belongings. Instead use plain paper, tissue paper or bubble wrap when packing your breakables. You can buy these items from removal companies.
  4. Keep an inventory. Make a comprehensive inventory as you go along. This will save you time and hassle in the long run, especially if you need to fill out an insurance claim after the move. Number each box and keep a list of everything that you pack into each one, no matter how small or unimportant you think the item might be. Take the lists with you and keep them in a safe place so you don’t lose them.
  5. Clean as you go. Moving house can be a great time to go through all your belongings and throw out or donate items that you no longer use or want. A general rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used or worn it in the last 12 months then you probably no longer need it. Keep separate boxes or piles for items that you wish to donate and keep plastic bin bags handy for rubbish.
  6. Remember the correct way to lift. An injured back can be extremely painful and depending on the severity of the injury could take up to a couple of months to heal fully. When lifting it’s important to follow these simple instructions to help avoid injury. Start by gently warming up your muscles by doing some basic stretching. Next bend your knees and while keeping your back straight, lift with the legs. To put heavy items down again, bend your knees and slowly lower it to the ground while keeping your back straight. If you have had back trouble in the past, you may want to wear a lower-back support brace as well.
  7. Food and water. Packing is hard work so it’s essential to remember to keep your energy and hydration levels up by eating healthily and drinking plenty of water throughout the day. While it’s tempting to snack on sugary foods for bursts of energy, they won’t be beneficial in the long run. Sugary foods and drink will only give you short bursts of a high level of energy, but after that your levels will crash back down again and you will be faced with fatigue. Instead of snacking on a chocolate bar, try eating an apple, and replace a hamburger and fries for lunch with a chicken salad sandwich.
  8. Music. Packing can be extremely tedious and boring, so add a little fun to the day by listening to your favorite radio station or CD’s. A great song can help boost your energy levels and make the day go by faster.
  9. Take breaks. It might be tempting to work non-stop to get everything done, but it’s more beneficial if you take a 15 minute break every couple of hours to recharge your batteries. Have a power nap, just sit quietly, or do some stretches. You will feel refreshed afterwards and be able to work more efficiently afterwards.
  10. Set aside plenty of time. Don’t try and cram all of your packing into a couple of hours. If you can, try and set aside a whole weekend. The more time you have to pack, the better the job you will do. Rushing things will only make you stressed and do a bad job, which may cause items to break while in transit. Take your time to ensure that everything is packed properly and safely.

Hopefully with all these essentials in place, you will have a stress-free and fun packing day. Happy moving!

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