Practical Ways to Reduce Paper Clutter

Paper clutter can make an otherwise clean house appear unkempt. It takes a little effort, but with a plan in place it can stay neat and free from piles of papers. Stop saving everything, and use practical ways to reduce paper clutter. In any case, getting out from under piles of papers does not have to be a chore. Buy a paper shredder and a recycling bin before getting started, and turn a cluttered house into a clean and tidy home.

Reduce Paper Clutter by Sorting Mail Immediately

Junk mail makes up a large percentage of unwanted paper in the home. Just think of the number of trees that would be saved if junk mail was eliminated! It will likely never happen, but it can be recycled and used again. It has to make it into a recycling bin before it can be reused. When seeking practical ways to reduce paper clutter, invest in a stylish recycling bin for the kitchen. Sort mail immediately instead of letting it accumulate. Open questionable items as they arrive, and organize it accordingly. You will significantly reduce the mess while doing something to help the exterior environment as well as your own.

Opt for Online Newspapers and Bills

With computers and Internet access in almost every home, society is becoming just about paperless. When trying to reduce clutter in the home, opt for online newspapers and e-bills instead of hardcopies. The benefits go far beyond the reduction of paper clutter. Paying bills online is safe and easy, and online news often includes much more. Try it for a month to see if online newspapers help reduce paper clutter in your home, and stop wasting money on stamps. Pay as many bills as possible online and you will save in more ways than one.

Shred Unwanted Paper Clutter Upon Receipt

When seeking practical ways to reduce clutter, invest in a quality paper shredder that is capable of shredding several sheets at a time. Keep it near the area where mail is opened instead of in an office, a bedroom or another out-of-the-way place. Keeping it elsewhere will result in stacks of paper clutter. Reduce the mess by shredding credit card offers and other unwanted personal papers upon receipt. You will significantly reduce paper clutter while protecting your identity.

Source: Personal Cleaning and Clutter Busting Experience

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