How to Clean an Air Conditioner

Summer is fast approaching and for those us who live in warmer areas, summer temperatures are already here. Cleaning air conditioners is an important chore at this time of year. Cleaning air conditioners make them safer and more efficient. Ideally, the end of the season of use is the best time for cleaning air conditioners but if the job has been left until spring it is still manageable.

To clean a small window air conditioning unit, first make sure it is turned off and unplugged. Take the air conditioning unit out of the window and remove the cover. Use the vacuum cleaner to suction out dust and dirt. Next, take the unit outside for hosing down. Be sure to turn or prop the air conditioner in a way that will allow the water run to away from the electrical parts. It is important that the electrical components do not get wet while cleaning an air conditioner. The outside of the air conditioning unit can be wiped down with a cloth throughout the season of use. Make sure that the clean air conditioner is completely dry before reinstalling and using it again. Filters can be hosed down and replaced in the air conditioning unit once they are completely dry.

When cleaning a large air conditioning unit, unplug the air conditioner and take off the front panel. Pull the chassis forward out of the cabinet and make sure that the front part of the unit is on something solid, such as a table. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt from the coils and interior parts. Filters may be cleaned in the same way as those of small air conditioning units and replaced when completely dry.

Cleaning central air conditioners is important if they are to run correctly for the duration of use. The filter of a central air conditioner needs to be cleaned once a month. Remove the cover from the filter and if it is aluminum or plastic, take it outside, hose it down and prop it to dry. If it is disposable, simply replace it with a new filter.

Many people do not think about cleaning the outdoor unit for central air conditioning. The unit must be turned off at the circuit breaker and not merely at the thermostat before the cleaning begins. Make sure that the electrical components are still sealed against the weather before beginning cleaning the outdoor unit for central air conditioning. Remove the grille and panel on top of the unit. Use plastic garbage bags to cover the motor and use a brush with stiff bristles to remove dirt from the unit. Spray the inside of the outdoor unit to remove remaining debris. Allow the air conditioning unit to dry.

Cleaning air conditioning units of all sizes and types is the best way to extend the usage of these machines. They do require a lot of electricity to run and cleaning air conditioners is the best way to use the minimum amount of electricity possible to keep cool in the summer months.

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