A Short Biography of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born in the year 1882 in Hyde Park New York.

Roosevelt followed in the famous footsteps of his fifth cousin President Theodore Roosevelt by starting a career in public service by getting into politics. However Franklin Delano Roosevelt choose to become a member of the opposing party of his family, the Democratic Party.

Winning an election to the Senate in the year 1910 then president Woodrow Wilson appointed him as the secretary of the Naval forces and additionally Franklin Delano Roosevelt became the Democratic parties nominee for president in 1920.

Just one short year later Roosevelt was stricken with the debilitating disease polio. Not letting this aweful condition slow him down at all he fought like a champion to regain the use of his legs. Eventually Roosevelt was able to walk again with the use of crutches.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected to the first of four presidential terms in November of 1932. By March of 1933 close to 13,000,000 were unemployed. Taking to heart the statement from his inaugural speech “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Franklin Delano Roosevelt sought to bring renewed confidence to the America people. Sweeping programs to help people in danger of loosing their homes were soon taking place as well as aide to businesses and agricultural properties.

The country began a turn for the better within a few years however many banks and business men disagreed with the direction President Roosevelt appeared to be taking the nation. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt responded to this backlash with stronger regulations against banks and much stronger support programs for those finding themselves unemployed.

President Roosevelt spent many years working on the implementation of the United Nations. He truly hoped the creation of this group would lesson any potential for aggression between the countries of the world.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt passed away on April 12, 1945 in Warm Springs, Georgia due to a cerebral hemorrhage

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